If you are familiar to the word “hacking”, then you must be aware of the fact that such malicious attack takes place by taking into usage some particular software. Yes, you are correct! It is all about malicious software that is also known as ransomware.  As per recent news report, “WannaCry” has successfully infected about more than 2 lacs of computer systems in more than 100 countries.

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What is WannaCry in Actual?

wannacry ransomware

This is not the only evidence! Instead, there are thousands of attacks taking place on a regular basis. For your kind information, WannaCry is a type of ransomware that contributes in locking up of files present into the computer system and encrypts them in such a manner, that they become difficult to re-access them twice.

Now, you must be desirous to know what a ransomware is! Basically, it is a digital kidnapper. In other words, it takes something that is highly valuable to you. In order to fetch your lost item, you will be ordered to pay a lump sum amount of money. Technically speaking, files of a personal computer get encrypted and the ransom is requested to decrypt those files.

What Does the Pop-up Window Reflect?

WannaCry has been well known for targeting Windows Operating system in a huge amount till date. As soon as your system gets infected, a pop-up window appears along with instructions regarding:

  • The amount to pay a ransom
  • Deadline after which the amount may get doubled
  • Deadline regarding losing of the data forever

The malware was released by Shadow Brokers, a hacker group nearby April. The malicious program gets into your computer system either through downloading or clicking of malicious files. The worm gets spread in a smooth manner within the network without relying on human actions.

Is there Any Guarantee after Making the Payment?

Though payment is demanded to regain access to your lost files, highly experienced security experts warn that there is hardly any guarantee even after payment. There are few ransomware programs that may even lock your computer system entirely simply demanding for payment repeatedly.

As per researchers countries like Russia, Taiwan and Ukraine have remained top targets of attack. But at the same time there are other countries that have reported to become duly infectious. In short, ransomware seems to be an epidemic into the World Wide Web that is highly vulnerable.

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WannaCry – Infects the Whole Network

WannaCry takes an exploit for usage into the Server Message Block (SMB) in order to infect the whole network. SMB is a protocol that is taken into usage by the network for sharing of data, files and many more. Even if a single computer system becomes to pray to this malicious software, it will crawl throughout the host network followed by infecting numerous computers connected to that particular network.

The NSA, i.e. , National Security Agency has been known to keep a vault that is full of exploits that contribute in spying on people. Even tech giants have been at loggerheads with the NSA in order to release exploits in a successful manner. Thus, they can be fixed to prevent cyber attacks, but to no avail.

Who is Behind the Operation of WannaCry?

Once such vault of exploits was successfully obtained and leaked by Shadow Brokers, a cyber criminal group. They used to exploit the Microsoft Windows to transfer files regardless of user authority.  It is none other than the Lazarus Group that operate in North Korea, responsible behind the attack caused by the WannaCry Ransomware attack.

How to Prevent One’s Computer from Attack?

Still, it is possible to protect your computer system from unnecessary attack of WannaCry Ransomware. Below are some easy to follow tips that will help you to sail through the pinpricks of this vast ocean:

  • No downloading of files from unverified sites
  • Keeping a keen eye on emails
  • Verifying the source of the email

At the same time it is advised not to open files from an unverified user. At the same time it is ensured to create a backup of all important data so that you may easily recover them. Lastly, it will be a safe option to install latest Windows security updates followed by keeping the latest version of the operating system.

Now, are you having a clear idea regarding WannaCry ransomware?