For the gamers, the word free game is treated as a divine thing and every gamer dreams for the free games. As the Gaming is the passion and way of living for many of the gamers. Gaming is one of the way preferred way by the modern people to get rid of their stress and frustration as nowadays the games are designed in such a manner that the gamer himself imagines himself in the characters.

Here are the top 10 sites to download free pc games for varies operating systems like Windows, Macintosh, Linux and much more. But, Windows is the operating system in which a high range of free games are available.

But finding the latest free games for pc is a very frustrating task. As the Google shows a very big list and all the sites are not trustworthy and may also have a danger of being hacked due to the malicious software that could be downloaded along with the game file.

Here are we providing the top 10 best PC game sites that are trustworthy and has a wide range of free games for PC. The top 10 sites for free pc games Sites are:

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Best Websites To Download PC Games

  1. Steam:


The steam is the most user interface and safe free pc game source and also contains some of the premium games that will be in a paid version. It is also considered as the safest source to download free Pc games. It also offers the widest range of free games for different operating systems in the market.

  1. Acid City:

 The Acid City is one of the oldest and has a large database of the games likely more than 860 games for free. It has a good user interface and the steps involved in downloading are very simple when compared to many other websites in the google.

  1. Origin Games

origin games

This is also one of the premium website for both free and paid games for the PC of different operating systems. It offers games of various genres. It is updated almost in a daily manner such that it maintains a high number of latest games and updates for the PC games of various operating systems.



Advertisements is one of its kind in the terms of collection of games and has a vast range of genre of games that are not available in many websites at free of cost. The user interface is not so great. But, the features of reviews, ratings and other are present for the respective games that help the user to access the game before downloading the game. 

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 It is one of the top websites that provides a lot of information about the game like the screenshots, reviews and also the trailers of the game. Coming to the terms of user interface, it has better user interface than that of the But the Range of games is low when compared to the

  1. Pogo



 This is one of the best game downloading sites for pc but has a simple registration procedure before downloading the games from this website. It has a wide range of the genre of games like many other websites in the list but the pogo has a superior list of children and old games that difficult to find in other websites.

  1. All Games A to Z

all a to z games


This website has a list of the games, options for downloads of these games, game reviews and another plethora of options that you can find on the website. This has a number of violent games in it. 

  1. Mega Games

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This is a kind of website that not only offers Pc games but also a range of 3d HD and PlayStation games for PC at free of cost. If the list of the games is increased, This has a potential to be one of the top 5 websites for free pc games. This site is one of the best PC Games Sites. 


This is also one of the top sites that provide full version pc games for different operating systems in the market.  But the interface is not so user-friendly like the other websites. It provides a huge number of best PC games of genre like Action games, Strategic games, Logic games, Adventure games, Racing games and various Sports games.

  1. Game top



It is another Best pc game sites that offers tons of free and full version PC games. This site consists of games that are compatible with all versions of Windows and also the Apple Mac. It offers games of various genres like war games, sports games, games for girls, games for kids, car games, window games and much more.