What Is The Importance Of Game Center For iOS Game Development

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Recent years have seen explosive growth of mobile gaming with no signs of slowing down. Revenue from mobile games have already crossed the revenue from console gaming software (excluding console hardware sales) in 2015. However, in 2018 the revenue from mobile game development expanded close to 45 billion dollars. But with the present success rate of mobile games  along with a promising growth rate can make hand held gaming all the more exciting for the gamers.

Consulting with a reputed iPhone game development company can give you a more vivid picture covering all aspects of iOS games. In this post we will cover iOS game development with special focus on the game center.

The Game Center for iOS facilitates the developers by providing social components and base functionalities that can be used for creating entertaining and engaging games.  A mobile game development company specializing in creating iOS games prefers using this toolset, so that the developers can get adequate support for creating quality games to attract and retain the targeted audience.

What is Game Center

Game Center is nothing but a social gaming network of Apple. It can be imported into any iOS project and is available in the form native iOS framework. It involves multiple functionalities and features that can be incorporated in games to make them more attractive and exclusive. Using the framework of Game Center known as GameKit you can perform the following:

Leaderboards: The functionality of leaderboad will help you post the scores of your users to the Game Center Service. As a result, of this, the Game Center leaderboard will display at any time so that your users can view how they have performed compared to the rest of the players. Along with this, the scores can also be compared with other Game Center players who can also participate in your play.

Achievements: Using this functionality you can create a series of unlockable challenges which the users have to complete to gain points. The earned points get accumulated across all games that are integrated with Game Center to make up the overall points in total for the players. Apart from these, players will have the opportunity to compare their achievements with friends.

Challenges: Any applications which uses either achievement or leaderboard functionality can automatically avail the challenge system. From the name itself you can well undertood that it will enable players to challenge others within the game. For example, you can challenge your friend to break your high score. If your friend becomes successful in beating your record, you will receive a push notification that the challenge has been completed.

Matchmaking: Three types of matchmaking are supported by Game Center-a hosted match,  a realtime match and a turn based match. For a real time match, Game Center helps in connecting players along with handling the low level code automatically to enable devices for back and forth communication. In case of hosted match, the low level networking infrastructure is implemented by the developers themselves. Last but not the least, for a turn based match, a snapshot of the game data can be saved on the server of the Game Center so that other devices can avail it for performing the next time.

The four features mentioned above make up the prime functionalities for majority of the iOS games that your are planning to build or likely to play. With Game Center you can experience your desired functionalities without dealing with the traditional overhead involved. Also you can create a networked game without setting up or coding any custom backend.

iOS  being one of the major players in the industry of mobile gaming, offers impeccable user experiences to enjoy diverse games of multiple genres. Working with an iPhone game development company will make you a seasoned game developer proficient in using the latest technologies to meet the varying tastes and preferences of the game enthusiasts.

Conclusion: From the entire discussion you can now imagine how powerful and efficient Game Center is when it comes to building iOS games. As an iOS game developer if you want to know more about this, refer to various online tutorial contents. It will help you know how to take advantage of the functionalities so that your games can standout in this cut throat competition.

Author Bio: Mr. Arup Roy is the CEO of Red Apple Technologies, a prominent mobile game development company. As a professional he is thoroughly focused in making games enriched with unique features. Apart from his professional resposnsibilities, in his free time he also checks out the latest developments or advancements that can influence the global sceanrio of mobile game development.

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