mobile app

Our world is rapidly becoming a digital one, where virtual is more and more “real” everyday. Americans check their phones 80 times a day, and they check it once every twelve minutes, as this research shows. But what is really appalling is that a third of the interviewed Americans prefers rather one week without sex than one day without the phone and 62% would rather give up chocolate for a week than their phones. Regarding global statistics, data are not better: a support company led a study which proved that an average person checks his phone once every four minutes and the longest time not checking it was four hours, then all became too much to bear! This clearly indicates a separation anxiety, as admitted by the individuals who participated the study: 31% said they felt anxiety to be separated from their phones, 60% experienced stress when phones were off.

No wonder that all companies, either big or small, have prepared for this huge digital revolution and offered their customs all kinds of mobile apps. They don’t want the customer to give up their phones, they want to give them the chance to call, play, pay, text and photograph anywhere and all the time.

New generations are so used to technology, they can not remember a world where mobile devices weren’t there, and they are enjoying this: famous games, such as Pokemon Go, gained more than 750 million players all around the world. Gaming is one of the most exploited sectors in this technology boom. All the main software houses have provided their customers with the mobile version of their own creations, such as PES, one of the most famous soccer game, released by Konami every year both for console and for smartphones, or PUBG, considered the best MMO game for battles fan. Of course, also the sport betting world followed up. The best betting companies and websites have released their odds all over the globe, opening to new markets and, of course, the most famous companies, such as Facebook, Amazon and Google are investing billions of dollars in new technologies, both app-related and AI. This is a sector which in the next few years is expected to continue its fast growth and spread in every continent. For example, Facebook made a 24 million dollars investment in Andela, an African software development company. The investments just in Africa reached the record amount of 560 million dollars.

A new world is coming, and we all are going to share its opportunities through our devices, we just have to be careful not to become digital-addicted.