The Xiaomi Smart Weigh Scale measures overall weight and tracks your progress by syncing the results to your smartphone. Results are easy to read on an extra-large screen with LED indicators. Just step on to weigh yourself, and the scale will turn off after you finish. The bathroom scale features non-slip, scratch resistant feet for safe use. High-precision weighing sensors ensure an accuracy of +/- 0.1 lb. Large, tempered glass weighing platform holds up to 150 kg.

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Xiaomi Mi Scale – Design and Features

The Mi Scale is an attractive bathroom scale, taking the form of a glass-topped square base with curved corners. Thanks to a clever bit of design, the weight readout is completely invisible until you step onto the scales.

When you decide it’s time to take a weight measurement, simply step onto the scales and a panel of LEDs hidden under the glass lights up with a live readout. It’s a stable piece of kit, with rubber feet to keep it firmly in place.


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Each of your family members is different, and that is why the Xiaomi Mi Smart Body Weighing Scale is equipped with the best technology. This scale doesn’t only differentiate between adults and children, this scale can also identify each of your family members and store all their data. With up to 16 user profiles you can now ensure the safety and check on the health of all of your loved ones.


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Xiaomi Mi Scale – In Use

As you are always improving, it is only normal that your scale will only improve right with you. You can now sync data and update firmware by simply opening the Mi Fit application on your phone. And with a powerful battery that lasts for a year, a low energy Bluetooth 4.0 and LED lights, your scale is guaranteed to deliver a better performance every time you step on it.