The Xiaomi Desk Lamp is, as the name suggests, a Desk Lamp. Unlike the other lamp I reviewed from Xiaomi, the Desk Lamp hasn’t many flashing/colored modes. It is made to replace your ordinary desk lamp with a product that have some additional features and an uncommon design.
Beign a Xiaomi product you can’t expect a simple ON-OFF function, you can set both the tint (from 2700 to 6500K) and the output, plus there are some special working modes.

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As I have already said, the lamp comes inside a big, very beautiful, with a luxurious tone, white box. As dimensions, it is high, so take it under consideration when you buy it. The lamp comes with the usual Chinese socket, so if you are from Europe, you will have to get and an adapter. I myself I have the Xiaomi 3 Power Sockets with 3 USB Port, so I don’t need any adapters. The lamp has only one button at the base, in order to manually work with it.

As you can see and in the photos, at the base of the lamp is a knob, where if you press it, functions as on/off for the lamp, and if you rotate it, you control how bright it will be.

The lamp is very beautiful, made of very good quality. You could easily place it everywhere you like, how demanding it could be. The design of the lamp gives the sun the ability to pass easily.


The lamp work with LED, it gives a very cool bright & yellow lighting, to control the lamp is very easy, it has a simple user interface built in, a simple and cool knob that you can use to control it .

Press the knob to turn the lamp on, press it again to turn the lamp off.
When the lamp is on, rotate the knob clockwise to increase the brightness, and counterclockwise to decrease the brightness.
When the lamp is on, keep pressed the knob and turn it clockwise to move the tint toward higher color temperature (AKA Cool White), turn it counterclockwise to move the tint toward lower color temperature (AKA Warm White).
According to Xiaomi, every small turn of the knob will change the output setting by 1% (output) or 1K (temperature), thus they call it a stepless regulation.
If this is true, it means that to change from 2700 to 6500K you will need 3800°, so more than 10×360° complete turns of the knob… If I have not misunderstood it.

if you find this very boring use the lamp APP, you can control it very easily using the app.
the app give you more features like changing the mode of lighting like using the reading mode the PC mode … etc, you can control the timing and a lot of things.