If you have ever caught yourself in a failing relationship, a parenting dilemma or an office calamity where you had a thought “I wish I could just know where it went wrong”, then an iPhone spyware app could answer that.

No, we aren’t endorsing the use of spyware, but under the US statute, monitoring and spy apps are quite indifferent. And before we proceed with our review of this iPhone spyware app from XNSPY, it’s important to iterate the fact that we are reviewing a legal monitoring app that’s been in the limelight now and then.

This review is going to be particularly important for people who have been planning to spy someone’s phone but weren’t able to find a way.

How Is the App Legal?

According to Xnspy’s official website, it’s an app that can only be used for consensual legal monitoring of minors and employees’ mobile devices that are owned by “YOU”.

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We totally understand that this disclaimer doesn’t make much a difference in how the app has a potential of being mishandled but that’s all we can do about it.

XNSPY – A Heartbroken Partner’s “Last Straw”

More than 50 percent people are spying on their other halves, according to one study by The Telegraph. And of all those who spy on their partners, a majority uses a mobile spyware to achieve that.

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There are consequences of spying on your partner, but some experts believe that it’s okay to do so sometimes. Leslie Yazel, who is an executive editor for Cosmopolitan believes that “If your gut is telling you that something is wrong and you’ve had that moment where you talk about it, and then you still are not satisfied with the answer, it might be OK to investigate some more”

An iPhone spyware app – A Child’s Digital Watchdog

When looked at from a parent’s perspective, the app could do wonders when it comes to taking care a child in their digital realm. Many parents are completely unaware of how they can pull a check on their kids’ online activities like social media, WhatsApp, iMessage, etc. In fact, there are parents who don’t even know the true risks of their children owning personal handheld devices.

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Xnspy, however, can take care of all that. It can tell parents the apps that their kids use, the chats they have with others on social networks or instant messaging apps and the people that they have added on their phonebook.



XNSPY Review

Xnspy is just one way to do all that aforementioned. It’s an app that you can put on someone’s phone and monitor their cell phone activity remotely. The app works with all iOS and Android devices but usually requires the latest firmware to work (iOS 8 and above).

How to use it?

You take the legal consent of the person whom you wish to monitor (I bet you won’t) before downloading the app on their phones. XnSpy is available in Jailbreak and No-Jailbreak versions. This is how the two apps are different.

Jailbreak: This version requires manual installation of the app on the target device, plus a jailbroken device (because you can’t download third-party apps on a non-jailbreak device).

iCloud/No-Jailbreak: This version only requires iCloud credentials of the person that whose phone you want to spy on. No download or installation is required.\



What Can You Do with Xnspy?

There’s a lot that you can do with xnspy. Basically, it’s an app that you wouldn’t want on your phone, ever but would love to have on someone else’s phone.

Xnspy can monitor everything from calls, text messages to social media and emails. These are some of the app’s features:

  1. Social Media & Instant Messaging Tracker

With xnspy on someone’s phone, you can track their Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Skype, iMessage, Kik, and Tinder. Knowing all that, there won’t be many partners sleeping tight tonight! You don’t get everything off these apps, but you get enough; more than what you would need.

  1. Call logs, Contacts & Text Messages

And if you doubt that those infidelity chats aren’t taking place over IMs, you can also check the text messages. Apart from texts, you can view contacts list and call logs for all incoming, outgoing and missed calls.


Email spying could be Gold for employers who have doubts about that their employees’ honesty. That sounds pretty gruesome but email monitoring at the workplace has been legal for as long as desktops and cell phones made their way into offices.

  1. Location

This is the feature that helps you catch someone red handed. Xnspy’s location tracker is accurate and works in real-time, most of the time unless your internet connection is sucky.

But location tracking has its pros. For instance, it can help parents to monitor their kids’ location and ensure that they are safe. Rather than getting those expensive location tracking gadgets, parents can put xnspy on their kids’ iPhones by spending only a few dollars.

  1. Remote Controls

These remote commands are particularly effective for monitoring managing children’s personal devices. Xnspy can be used to remotely lock a phone, to record calls, to take a screenshot or to remotely wipe out stored data.

  1. App Blocker

This is another child-centric monitoring feature. You can block/unblock apps on the monitored phone and ensure that your kids are only spending the right amount of time with their personal devices.

Our Rating: 8.5/10

For someone who wants to give an iPhone spyware app a try, xnspy isn’t a bad deal, at all! In fact, it’s a lot quirkier than what a person would want from a spyware. But before you make a final call, don’t forget to check out the following:

Why Xnspy?

why xnspy


  • It’s affordable. Xnspy starts from $8.33/month for the Basic and $12.49/month for the Premium version.
  • Easy to use. The download and installation are quite simple. There’s also a very proactive Support team that’s almost always available. For individuals who suck at using technology, xnspy won’t be a trouble.
  • Plenty of features. Xnspy is more than just an iPhone spyware app. It can even remotely manage a device with its remote control features, which is pretty solid for a spy app.
  • Stealth Mode. Xnspy won’t blow your cover as it’s very discreet. Once installed, it subtly rests on a phone without leaving any shortcuts or background activity.

Why not xnspy?

  • It’s a spy app that can be mishandled. There’s no way for the app to distinguish between who uses it for illegitimate reasons.
  • Monthly packages are not CHEAP!
  • Overloaded with quirky features. We could really use a simpler version of the app.