There remains no doubt regarding the fact that YouTube is one of the reputed websites for video sharing purpose till date. But surprisingly there are many other websites for uploading as well as watching videos through online mode. As YouTube takes a huge chunk of share in terms of online publishing and broadcasting of videos, generally alternative options are simply taken for granted.

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Insight to 7 Best YouTube Alternative Sites

Thus in order to gain access to those lucrative options, it is high time to pay heed into some of the best YouTube alternative sites. By logging into those sites, you may easily go for uploading as well as watching of videos.

Some of the user friendly websites includes:

1. DailyMotion 


DailyMotion has been regarded to be the second largest site for uploading as well as watching online videos. With over millions of unique visitors on a monthly basis, it offers high potential for the video to become viral. You may easily get into touch with some highly trending videos on the homepage along with search bar at the top.

All you need is a valid running email id to get registered thus opening your gateway for easy uploading of videos, free of cost. The video must comprise a length of maximum 60 minutes along with 4 GB size and HD 1080p in terms of resolution. By being an active part of DailyMotion Open VOD program, you may easily earn a handsome amount of money.

2. Metacafe 

Metacafe is the oldest player of videos sine 2003 even before YouTube came into existence. Over 40 million unique visitors are there on a monthly basis. It specializes in shortform vieo content that includes highlights of the world along with product reviews and tips regarding various difficult tasks.


The homepage of this website is totally different from other video sites. Even categories have been framed in a well manner for providing better browsing experience.  Simplicity and fairly straightforward browsing interface are most recognized strengths.

3. Veoh 

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Veoh has been well known as an internet TV company.  This particular website has gained further recognition for boasting millions of videos where maximum of the are produced professionally. It features a wide range of television contents that include full episodes and clips from various shows including classic series.

Additionally, Veoh comprises of a lot of music content related to wide range of genres all across the web. The movie section is inclusive of full-length features plus memorable clips from a plethora of films.

4. The Internet Archive 

internet archive


It is crystal clear from the name itself that Internet Archive is a web-based library of various types of high quality contents that include music, books, software and movie. The vast collection of historical content will surpass you thus making it easy to fetch all types of desired content.

It is updated on the basis of per second so that users may be kept glued through new quality videos. You may easily fetch news reports, movies and television series provided your search is conducted in a correct manner. H.26 is the most common coding format at the time of uploading videos here.

5. Flickr 



Flickr, majorly used as a website for hosting images also supports users in terms of uploading as well as sharing numerous videos. Many people are not at all aware of this vital fact. By signing up for free, you may carry on with the activity of video uploading as well as sharing with ease. Videos may be uploaded in HD quality too.

The account of Flickr comes with the capacity of about 1Tb memory space. The pro account comprises of unlimited storage space that I free from ads.

6. Vimeo 



Regular visitors of YouTube will find adding of Vimeo to their regular rotation of video sites. This website was the first to support high definition videos and emphasizes on high-quality contents. It comprises of some selective criteria.

Along with other stuffs, Vimeo has been duly recognized for featuring a plethora of top movies as well as television series. Also, the website comprises of easy-to-browse feature for searching that contributes in organizing videos on the basis of channel and category. Get directed towards the right direction with such an astonishing YouTube alternative!

7. Vube



Vube is one of the newest video sites that have reached the level of above 100 visitors from all over the world. The site has gained high recognition for driving a massive amount of traffic through an aggressive marketing strategy. You will definitely enjoy the browsing due to clean and easy to understand UI.

It is possible to download numerous videos for free by simply registering at once. You may also participate in the contest to prove your video the best.

These are some of the best and highly recognizable YouTube alternative video sites that will keep you glued.