Web development generally working on the technical aspects of a website. A web designer or web developer is the person in the charge of the visual design and layout of any website and web developer takes that design and vision from a static design to fully working website, that is online available for the world.

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The basic skills like HTML and CSS – to become a successful web developer needs some extra skills. If you have decided to become a web designer, do you know the biggest skills and programming languages to become a great web designer? If you find the real solution of this question, SkillCrush has made an Infographics that will help you a lot.

If you are to become an expert web developer, you should learning the new coding skills and perfecting the ones you already possess. HTML and CSS are the basic skills for building blocks of the web development. HTML sets the structure of a web page and CSS is used for styling and aesthetics.

However, if you want to make expert web developer, you need to think beyond the basics. For example – you must have the basics knowledge of the Photoshop and illustrator. Let’s tell more about the others skills.

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11 Essential Tech Skills And Programming Language To Become A Professional Web Developer


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