10 WhatsApp Tricks And Hacks You Should Try Right Now


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WhatsApp is one of the applications which has been downloaded and used by millions across the globe. It made a stand-out in connecting people and due to its popularity, Facebook was forced to buy the whole company for billions. After Facebook-owned the company, there are latest updates which changed the interface with new features, from which people are still unaware. WhatsApp tricks or WhatsApp tricks and tips is one of the most searched topics across the search engines as people wants it to make more compatible and easy to use. There are many WhatsApp tricks available which give you options beyond the limits and variety to choose from.

10 WhatsApp Tricks and Hacks you should try right now

1. Saving group Images

Save group images

WhatsApp allows you to transfer hundreds of images and videos across the single or in group chat. With sharing, you to receive repeated messages with media which gets stored in the internal or external memory of your smartphone. With this new feature, one of the famous WhatsApp tricks allows you stop downloading images unless you want it. Go to Options > Settings > Data Usage. Under Media auto-download, uncheck all the boxes and now you need to manually download any image or video of your choice.


2. Always choose your friend list

Always choose your friend list

Within the group chats, there are many people who are strangers to you and you want to maintain your privacy with limitations on your profile photo and even your status. With the help of WhatsApp tricks and tips, you can be under the hood with limited information. Click on Settings > Privacy and within the privacy option, you can choose from your Last seen, Profile photo and Status. You can also choose to shares this information from Everyone, My contacts, and nobody.


3. Just Mute It

Just Mute It

At times it feels annoying for receiving continuous messages in a group chat even when you are not online and you can’t exit the group because you have created it. It is the situation which was created by you and now you have to suffer but to avoid such situations you can tap on the group chat and in the info you get an option to mute the chat for minimum 8 hours to 1 year straight. And to get rid of it completely you can just exit the group.

4. Make it Private

Make it Private

You do have many friends on Facebook but you only wants few of them to join you for an upcoming event or on a night out. From many WhatsApp tricks and tips, this special one will work as our personal email assistant who will send a quick message to your selected contacts. On the top-left hand corner of your WhatsApp Chats window, you will notice a Broadcast Lists. Within this option, you can select contacts and create a new list to send your message.

5. Create Shortcuts

Create Shortcuts

Just like a speed dial to your constant contacts, you can also create shortcuts for you WhatsApp buddies on the home screen of your smartphone and with just one tap, you will be directed to the window of that person. Select the loved one and long press on the conversation you want to create a shortcut for and select Add chat shortcut from the pop-up menu.

6. Sleep and Message

Sleep and Message

Sleep and Message

You want to wish a ‘Happy Birthday’ to your loved one at 12 midnight but you slept just minutes before. To avoid such situations, you can download a third-party application that supports WhatsApp for scheduled messages. For all Android devices download Seebye Scheduler ROOT and for iOS devices look for Message Scheduler for WhatsApp.


7. Keep them Away

Keep them Away

It is considered to be one of the best WhatsApp tricks and tips as it allows you to lock the application which will keep away your personal messages from your parents and even your loved ones. It is again supported by the third-party application which can be downloaded on all Android and iOS devices.

8. Customize it

Customize it

At times it feels boring to see the same WhatsApp background which makes it dull and pain for your eyes. Now you can choose any image which is provided by the application or from your own library. Click on Options > Settings > Chats > Wallpaper and Add images to your life.


9. Straight to it

Straight to it

It is a tedious job when you have to look for an important but an old message, phone number or even email address. With the new update, now you can save your time with built-in feature of WhatsApp to search. Click on Options > Search, enter some words from the message and you will get the list to select from.

10. Make it your favourite

 Make it your favourite

There is a list of important people and messages that you receive on daily basis, to make them feel more important, you can starred them. With this option, all the messages from selected contacts will be in the different window and it will be easier for to read and reply to them.

These are some WhatsApp tips and tricks which can use to make your friends jealous about your efficiency and intelligence.