People Search Engines

People Search Engines – Are you trying to find that one lost friend you parted ways with years ago? Or are you trying to find that pretty lady you met on a bus, but didn’t give you her address? Well, you don’t have to worry that much because these listed people search engines have got you covered. With the existence of the web, the internet is now a great and fast resource to find someone and there are people search engines that can help you track down that friend you once had in elementary school. Needless to say, most of the best people search engines are free and therefore you don’t have to worry about paying anything. That said, you can take a look at some of the best people search engines below to help you reconnect with that one person you are seeking.

Here are the 10 Best People Search Engines You should Try

1. Pipl


First on the list is Pipl. Pipl is marvelous when it comes to searching for people online. Not only does It come with unlimited communication, but you can also search for people using it. Pipl unlike its counterparts has a vast record of information on individuals and therefore reduces the chances of you failing to find someone you are looking for. This free people search engine searches across social media sites, search engines and other databases available in order to maximize the efficiency of the results. In fact, with Pipl, you won’t have to bother yourself with thoughts of dead end roads when it comes to finding what you specifically want and not forgetting how easy it is to use. You can search by entering the name, email, username or phone number and click search to get all the info you need. In addition, you can also use the location or address to search. I guess this why many people use it and they are the most popular in their kind of service.


2. BeenVerified


Amongst the people search engines, BeenVerifed cannot be counted out. With accurate and well laid information, BeenVerified is one of the best sites to go to if you want to search for people. It is quite simple to use and also has great features that render it unique in the world of people search engines. You can search by using names, email, phone numbers and location or address. You can access the service on their website or you can opt for their apps for Android and iOS. BeenVerified is free, but the free version only gets you limited info. However, if you want all the info regarding an individual, then you can get a membership which will cost you some $$$ ($1 for 5 days trial).


3. Intelius


This is one of the best site to find a person online. This one is quite unique in its own way though. Unlike the other sites, Intelius is not free and it may not be of use to you if you aren’t from the US since the results are for US. They have subscriptions for people search report, people search report plus and background report. The subscriptions on this people search engine start at $3.95/ month and they also have a package for you just in case you only want to use it for a few hours where you will pay $19.95 for 24hrs. Well, after us trying it out, Intelius is quite great and packed with a vast database comprising of criminal records, background info, property records, addresses etc. You will get your money’s worth with this one so no worries.

4. Whitepages


Whitepages is a great tool for finding people online. It provides detailed and well laid information. The results from this website are detailed enough to ensure you get what you exactly want. The information is not only limited to social information. This means detailed background reports on anyone like phone numbers, addresses, properties, criminal records, etc. It is quite easy to use and to find someone you just put in contact, address, location and hit search. There is a free version of the service that gets you limited information compared to the premium service. To unlock the full potential of whitepages, you will need a premium subscription that starts at $19.95/month which is also unfortunately available in the US. Nevertheless, if you want to find someone, you can indeed try out Whitepages. It is a great tool for this.

5. Peek You


Peek You is unique amongst the people search engines in a way that it is totally free and available globally for global searches. However, the results seem to be better regarding searches within the US. Peek You combs through social media, web profiles, email addresses and lots of other public records to get you the desired results. You can search for anyone using their names, location, contact including their username on websites etc.

6. Facebook

Facebook was created with the main intention of helping people connect better and keep in touch with each other. Today, millions of people use Facebook given its free and it has reached a point where most of us can’t do without it. Usually, if someone was to look someone else in the world, that person ideally, would start his or her search on Facebook. Undoubtedly, Facebook is one place where you can easily find whoever you are looking for with a few clicks just as long as the info you have matches the info on Facebook database. Facebook comes with lots of ways to search for people embed in it. For example, you can search for people using their places of work, location, interests, names, usernames etc. due to its great graph search feature. You can also use the “Find friends” feature that enables you to filter your searches in many ways. Chances are high that whoever you are looking for has a Facebook account so this makes it quite good people search engine.


7. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the go to place if you want to find that person that you met at a professional meeting. With a robust database featuring professional details of millions of people, LinkedIn might as well help you hit the jackpot in your search for that specific person. However, the search will be based on the professional details. You can search for people using names and location, etc. you can also filter your search using the sidebar on the LinkedIn search page.

8. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate

Instant checkmate is a great place to find information on people even though it is a public records search service. The site is only for the US and therefore has information only for the US. With it, you can check for criminal records, addresses, age, contacts, etc. this people search engine combs through social online profiles, federal data sources including state and country data sources. The information is accurate and very detailed which lets you maximize your search. You can subscribe starting at $19.05 in order to get the reports.


9. Spokeo


This people search engine is another one of the popular search engines to use. They claim to use deep web tech in order to maximize search results which search engines miss out on. It’s easy to use and you can commence your search using names, email addresses, contacts and location, etc. It also combs through social networks and dating site profiles in order to get the results. Spokeo is available globally therefore everyone can access it. However, it doesn’t come free. The subscription starts at $4.95/month. The service is generally good with accurate results.

10. Mylife


My life is only for US based people search engine. It is free with a vast database that you can use to find people you are looking for. Mylife brings all the expected details like phone contacts, email addresses, job history, opinions, interests, social profiles, education and lots more. It is crazy how they are giving away these details for free while other search engines are charging a penny or more. Also, Mylife is quite unique in a way that you can actually correct and enhance your background reports on the web. This will help you make info about you as accurate as possible. You can also edit and remove any info that you don’t want in your profile.

With these people search engines, you can now have a fruitful search. Only keep in mind that some only work in the US and some are global. Try them and let us know what you think of them in the comments section.