5 Strong Reasons Why You Should Use OpenSUSE


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Today’s Linux users and enthusiasts are composed of 3 categories: Debian/Ubuntu, Fedora and Arch Linux. openSUSE is quite a different distro in comparison to the others. Now, you should note that there is no one distro that is considered to be better or worse in any sense than the others. That solely depends on your personal usage and experience of a preferred computer.

However, today I’m going to give you 5 strong reasons why you should use OpenSUSE and these 5 things are also what I found that openSUSE does better compared to other Linux distros.


Here Are 5 Reasons, Why OpensSUSE Is Better Than Linux Distros?



Accordingly, openSUSE is just that one of a few or if not, the only Linux distro on which you can install all desktop environments in existence and still rest assured of a fast and firm system. Surely openSUSE is just one of the most robust Linux distros. The developers were just so on point and I love it.


With openSUSE comes a perfect software delivery method. As we all know the Linux universe has a variety of cool package managers like apt-get of debian and DNF for fedora etc. These are all absolutely great in their own ways, but openSUSE provides a portal where you are able to search for applications and just click “direct install”. It’s more of a play store kind of thing right!  openSUSE provides the “software.opensuse.org” web portal and with it you can install software with just 1 click.so damn easy….ikr!



Yast undoubtedly is the best and most enhanced tool to control and configure your system. With yast you can set up networks and servers, install software, Configure hardware, all basic settings and lots more. It’s simply excellent and the way it’s just so convenient and has everything in one place just makes it the ultimate control center any OS could possibly have. I mean it just gives you paramount power over your openSUSE distro right!



OpenSUSE is very much undeniably a community driven project. Users running other Linux distros have often been irked and complained a lot about new and undesirable features, but this hasn’t been the case with openSUSE. The openSUSE developers have since time immemorial listened to the community and in return delivered what is expected by the users.


In case you didn’t know, openSUSE has one of the best biggest and well-trained team from the Linux development den. They have in depth knowledge of the Linux kernel and this therefore shows to you that they have vast hardware support. And because of this boundless hardware support, there is unconventional user experience.

You may as well be wondering and undecided on what openSUSE you should use, LEAP or TUMBLEWEED?

Actually, openSUSE comes in two forms, namely leap and tumbleweed. Now, inasmuch as both leap and tumbleweed offer similar experience and environment, you have to decide which of the two you possibly prefer to inscribe on your hard disk. Let’s talk a little bit about them.



Most users prefer openSUSE leap. It’s recurrently updated every 8 months and, to date, is updated to version 42. It seemingly provides the best user experience and contains all the stable packages. It focuses on stability a lot, which is a bonus. Leap is well suited for home, office and business computers. Leap is pretty much good for anything.


Tumbleweed on the other hand is a total rolling release version of openSUSE comprising of all the latest stable versions of all software. For the users that want the newest stable software and for the developers, it is highly recommended. Tumbleweed is also based on the factory, It’s main development codebase. It’s always updated once the factory’s cutting edge software has been integrated, stabilized and tested. When that is finally done, tumbleweed contains the latest stable applications and is ready for use.

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