Best Torrenting Sites | 10 Best Torrent Websites 2017


Best Torrent Sites

Year in year out we all download free stuff online especially movies and music files from torrent sites. And I know that just like last year, you are yearning to know the most popular torrent sites. The torrent site landscape has changed a lot in the last couple of months. There is no doubt that ThePirateBay is the king when it comes to torrent sites given they have survived all these years and are very popular. Several torrent sites have shut down in recent months such as, kickasstorrents, torrenthound and many others that didn’t survive the wrath of the authorities. However, this year I bring you yet again the top 10 best torrent sites in 2017. Not that much of the content on these torrent sites is copyrighted. Nevertheless, you can still download all you want for free. I have tested all these sites and they are all working fine. With new torrent sites appearing on the scene, I will update this article as time goes on but for now you should check out these 10 most popular torrent sites.

10 Best Torrent Sites 2017

1. ThePirateBay


Like I said earlier, PirateBay is a king among torrent sites. This site has stood the test of time and has become quite synonymous with many people who like downloading free stuff on the net. It is very famous for the cracks of softwares and games including movies and music. With over 30 languages ThePirateBay surely has wide coverage and a huge user base. Also ever since its comeback, ThePirateBay uses the original.Org domain.  Undoubtedly, this is one of the best torrenting sites available.


2. KickAss Torrents

KickAss Torrents

Kickass torrents is one torrent site that you reckon to be among the best ever and guess what?…yes it is surely among the best that have ever existed. With huge database of many torrents ranging from movies, softwares to games and lots more, KickAss Torrents is really sufficient enough for your download needs. KickAss Torrents was recently shut down last year however, it came back to life with domain name of You may have some difficulty accessing KickAss Torrents since it is banned in few countries but you can use VPN to access it.




Another magical torrent site on the list, is quite a good torrent search engine with various content. This site has also had its own fair share of hustles that are related to torrent sites since they have changed their domain many times. Well, at least that’s a small price to pay for hosting lots of copyrighted content. The site has a good look and has no pop up ads, unlike other torrent sites.


This torrent site is actually a torrent search engine and therefore makes it one of the best to get torrents that you may not find available on other sites (which is quite impossible) since it combs through other sites like piratebay and indexes torrents on those sites. The site has been very active in the past couple of months and it has lots of content in its vast database. Surely, You can’t fail to find whatever it is you want to download on this site.



You may be thinking that this site is the former YIFY site but be aware that this site is not related to YIFY or YTS. It is one of the new torrent sites that have surfaced recently and I must say it is good enough for a torrent site. There aren’t any annoying ads to distract you on your search and also has a huge collection of torrents to download especially movies.



This site is famous for their TV torrents and movies. It was once a distribution group but was shut down after a hostile takeover. The site releases its own torrents and they have a vast collection of content that is updated daily. This is preferably the reason why they are so popular. The site isn’t as visually impressive as the other top torrent sites though but who cares, you only go for the content and not its looks right.



1337x was born in 2007 and has been operational since then. Well, you probably didn’t know it then since it was overshadowed by some torrent sites like TPB and KickAss. However, when these sites were shutdown for a while, 1337x then had some shot at success and they did succeed. The site has an impressive user interface and just as it is visually appealing, it has tons and tons of torrents at your disposal. The content is mostly copyrighted and its updated daily in order for you to get all that you want.



Limetorrents has appeared again on our list of the top torrent sites and you can’t help but wonder how this site has existed even when the Feds are always cracking down such sites that index copyrighted content. The site has lots of torrents ranging from games, movies, music, TV shows to even adult content. (guess everyone is accounted for) Site is well organized with and has sections for auto-generated lists of top torrents to get and also the latest torrents. The site seems to be updated daily too and many readers speak highly of the quality of seeds and legit files found on limetorrents.



Torlock is a nice site to get torrents from, it is well fashioned with great appearance and has a huge collection of content comprising of over 3 million torrents of different categories. Apparently, Torlock also claims that all the torrents that are indexed on the site are verified and that the site will remove the links when it receives valid legal requests. The files on Torlock are with no doubt very clean and spam free and this is one such credible reason to check out this popular torrent site.



This is one of the most visited torrent sites in the world. It started out in 2008 as a Bulgarian tracker but has now grown into a huge torrents site that has captured hearts and souls of many free content downloaders (or should I say pirates). Considering the fact that it has millions of visitors, this only shows that they have a huge database of torrents to download. The content includes movies and TV shows among others. It is a great torrent site and surely deserved a spot on our list of the top 10 best torrent sites. Be sure to check it out and give a try.

There are definitely many more great torrents site out there like that was founded in 2003 and by 2012 it was hosting around 14 petabytes of content until it was closed in 2013. However, IsoHunt re surfaced in not more than a month of its closure. domain is regarded as the replacement of the original Isohunt. It’s one of the best torrent sites existing and its worth checking out. There are many more torrent sites out there and if they do make it to our list, you will surely see them on our updated list of the top 10 best sites. Also drop us your feedback on these amazing torrent sites in our comments section.