chrome alternativesGoogle Chrome is arguably the most used browser in the world with an unbelievably huge user base. Its simplicity and fast browsing is at the forefront of its success. This explains why lots of people would take it as a first choice if they were to choose a browser. However, beside Chrome, there are a whole lot of other unique browsers that appeal to various people out there. But we got to accept Chrome has taken the lead in the browser wars in the long term and looks like it will remain this way for a very long time.

Just like any other browser Chrome has a few disadvantages that make it somewhat unpleasant to use, for example Chrome is well known for using lots of memory and also using RAM on an average that is way above that of other browsers. Nevertheless, there is a selection of other browsers to use other than Google Chrome and these browsers are quite unique in their own ways and also offer almost all that Chrome offers. If you need to change your browser, then you ought to try out these browsers I’ve listed below.




Opera is quite a unique browser in all of its packaging. It provides the ultimate browsing experience while minimizing your data usage and it’s also lightweight on both mobile and PC Version. So you can use your data for longer with opera. It also has lots of features similar to Chrome since it’s also based on chromium. There is a speed dial and a fast navigation, a feature that has now been adopted by lots of other browsers. Opera has faster load time, thanks to its Turbo Mode that compresses and decreases the data. The updated version also includes an inbuilt VPN to help you with privacy issues. Opera is just the whole package in case you want a super browser.


Opera extensions are available here on its add-ons website.

Download opera

2. Mozilla Firefox


Firefox is a great browser too. With amazing features, most similar to those of Chrome. Firefox has faster browsing and quality that you need. It can serve a great alternative because it offers lots that Chrome has and also has its own unique side. Firefox protects your privacy with customizable privacy options. There is data encryption to protect it from being accessed by any other person. Also you can tweak your privacy settings and reveal only what you want other’s to see. Definitely, there are support extensions and plugins for Firefox which can be downloaded from their add-ons website.


Download Firefox

3. Safari



This is one great browser alternative for those of you with apple devices, safari has trail blazing speed and it gives a great user experience too. Safari is quite light and works perfectly on all he apple devices. Also, safari isn’t that much of a Google fan, so you will get all the tools and built-in features to protect privacy. However safari isn’t that much customizable so it’s best to appreciate whatever it offers.

You can download safari extensions from the Apple website. You can as well consider installing these extensions.

Download safari

4. Chromium


Chromium is quite a good choice as well, it’s the original chromium based browser and it’s an open source, however, due to its link with Google there might be a bit of a privacy issue but otherwise it is good. Its open source nature makes it quite good for people using Linux distros since those require open source software too, and so chromium can be a default browser. Chromium is also relatively lighter than Chrome and is also great with Google services.

Download chromium extensions for Chrome web store.

Download chromium

5. Maxthon


Maxthon also has features similar to those of Chrome and Firefox, but it isn’t just like any regular browser you know of. What’s amazing about Maxthon is that it has cloud storage and compatibility. It is designed to ensure that the whole browsing experience is synced all the time on your devices. This means all the browsing history, cookies and cache will always be synced using Maxthon cloud storage service. There is also sharing of data with other devices, like you can share a video on the web on the cloud storage and this shares the video with all your other devices. Also you can open up cloud tabs that sync with all your other devices in real-time. This enables you to access your and manage a tab opened on your PC with just your smartphone.

Download Maxthon

6. Vivaldi


Vivaldi seems to be still a work in progress, but it’s impressed so many people and there is a lot of buzz regarding this browser. However, you can only download the technical preview to check out how it functions. The browser gives full browsing power with lots of customizations of almost everything on it. You can customize lots of its features and designs including adaptive colors (changes with the website), auto sync, built-in email client, gestures, tab groups etc to be added. It’s also based on chromium and therefore expect similar features to those of Chrome.

Download Vivaldi

7. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft’s latest browser edge is also one of the good alternatives to Chrome. As per now, it’s only available for windows 10 users. Much as it does not match up to Chrome, it offers some really fast browsing experience and unique features, like you can change its theme and also completely customize the home page plus the tabs. You can create a reading list so that you can read all your favorite articles whenever you want. You can also write and highlight on a web page and share with your friends. Furthermore, it has Microsoft’s virtual assistant, Cortana which can help in many ways like providing answers in the search bar and making lots of other helpful suggestions.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any extensions integrations available yet, but Microsoft is working on that and they will soon be availed.

8. Comodo Dragon

Comodo Dragon

This is another browser based on chromium but also a good alternative to Chrome. It’s developed by security company called Comodo therefore you should be ready for its amazing security features. Comodo can route all your traffic from its secure DNS servers. It also scans the web pages prior to loading to ensure that the pages are free of malware or any other suspicious harmful elements. Also you have full control over your privacy, including blocking content that may put your privacy in jeopardy.

The Chrome extensions will also work on Comodo dragon. You can download one of them from the extension’s official website or search and install from within the browser in the extensions settings.

Download Comodo dragon

9. Dooble Browser

Dooble Browser

Dooble is a new open source and multiplatform browser. It aims to provide improved privacy and usability and it’s currently available for windows, Linux and FreeBSD. It also gives a good user experience in terms of browser speed and great features, Dooble browser has an inbuilt easy to use download manager. It can also support third party plugins.

10. CoolNovo

CoolNovo is yet another good alternative for Chrome, it was formerly known as ChromePlus. This browser is developed by programmers in china. It has new user interface and features including a sidebar, it seems to also add other features such as mouse gestures and it can also run internet explorer in a tab. There is also a variety of options to choose from for controlling tab behavior since an entire section is dedicated to tabs on the options page.

Do you use any of these browsers? Or it’s only Chrome for you? Let us know in our comments section.