It is well known that Microsoft Excel is a program which is used for charting graphs and also for other purposes like data entry and accounting. Features of Excel are graphing tools, pivot tables, and a macro programming language called Visual Basic for Applications. It is based on the auto-calculations formula which is very useful in terms of saving time. That’s why you need to know Microsoft Excel before you even try to get a job. But still there are so many tricks and shortcuts which may be you don’t know about Excel. So today I’m gonna show you some awesome, cool and Best Excel Tricks which you need to must try to get great results in your work and impress your boss with it. These tricks are very helpful and will let you done your work faster than before.

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Microsofttraining made this Infographic especially to speed up the tasks which take time more than any other work in Excel. For instance, to flash-fill cells with content in the right case (upper or lower) all you have to do is fill the first cell in the way that you want, and Ctrl + E to auto fill the rest of the column.

You can also check out the other tips here like how to pivot tables, how to retrieve data, how to apply conditional formatting and so much more.

Now go ahead and see what you know about excel and what you don’t and also find the how to’s trick you need.

Best Excel Tricks to Speed Up Your Office Work 3

Let us know if you know some other tricks of Excel. You can tell us in the comment box below.