Thousands of people are getting connected with internet connections daily. Millions of people use the internet without knowing “how the internet works.” We surf many sites daily, downloads software, play online game, interact with different people, share file and documents and many more things.

Many people don’t know, how the internet works? Most of non-technical people, who have an internet enabled devices. They just using different types of services, without reading their privacy. Many websites pushes malicious things, uses cookies and steal your personal details.

The internet is not really simple it appears to be. There are around 3.64 billion people using internet connections in the world and they are connected with each other. Every person has a unique IP address which uniquely defines their systems. They all send and receive their data from their web browsers. There are huge amount of websites, apps and more already available on the internet. Oh, it’s not really simple. You can better understand with an interesting and informative infographic below.

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How The Internet Works

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