Top 7 Cool Google Play Store Tips And Tricks That You Probably Don’t Know: Must Try Them


Top 7 Cool Google Play Store Tips And Tricks 9

Millions of people are using Android phones in their day to day lives. The reason behind using android is its cool and amazing apps and games. I am not an Apple hater, but yeah Android provides you much more great free apps and games. Those apps you mostly download from the Google Play Store, which I can say is the heart of an Android. Anything amazing you want on your Android, just open the Play Store and download as many apps and games you want. You can download apps and games, watch movies, listen music and so much more on your Google Play Store. But there are some amazing Google Play Store tips and tricks which you really need to know about. I found them cool and helpful. So must check them out below.

Top  7 Cool Google Play Store Tips And Tricks

1. App not Available or Blocked in Your Country, Download it by this Way

It happens so many times that when we want to download some app on Google Play Store, it says this app is not available in your country. Now if you want to download that app how would you do that???


Here is the solution. Just download any VPN app from the play store.  Open the app and change your Smartphone’s IP Address to the country of your choice. I have given the link below of the VPN app which I found is really good.


Shellfire VPN – Download Here

2. Easily Manage Your Devices In Google Play Store

 You can see your entire devices list by opening Play Store Settings link on your browser. With it, you can change your device name as well.

Top 7 Cool Google Play Store Tips And Tricks 2

3. Set a Parental Control On Your Google Play Store

If you don’t want others, friends and any family member to access your Play Store app and download some adult content from it (most of the children do that), just set a Parental Control and prevent your Smartphone from any misuse. You can find and enable the Parental Control option by this way.

Google Play Store > Menu > Settings > Parental Control > Select Apps and Games to Get Restricted > Set Pin Code.


4. Device Manager

If in case, you lost your Smartphone, with the help of device manager you can find out where it is. Just click on this link Google Device Manager and after that login with your Google id. Now this feature will help you to locate your phone.

Top 7 Cool Google Play Store Tips And Tricks 3Top 7 Cool Google Play Store Tips And Tricks 3

5. Disable Auto-Update Feature in Your Google Play Store

If you are not using Wi-Fi and Auto-Update feature is enabled on your Smartphone, then it will definitely kill your mobile data. To disable this feature and to select ask for download updates feature. Follow this way given below.


Google Play Store > Menu > Settings > Auto-Update Apps > Do Not Auto-Update Apps.

Top 7 Cool Google Play Store Tips And Tricks 4

6. Install Your Favorite Android Apps From PC

Follow the steps below if you want to download apps into your Android Phone from PC.

  • First of all open Google Play Store website on your web browser.
  • Now search and select the app you want to download.
  • After that, Select your device type and model of your Smartphone.
  • Finally, click on Install button.

Top 7 Cool Google Play Store Tips And Tricks 5

7. Find the Latest and the Best Android Apps and Games For Your Smartphone

There is an app named Playboard which you can use to check the latest games and apps for your Android phone. This app will also show you the best review of any game or app you want to download.

Playboard – Download Here

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So these were my top 7 best Google Play Store Tips and Tricks. If you liked them, must share the article with others. If you want to suggest other tips and tricks of Play Store, then feel free to share it with us by leaving a comment below.