How To Find Out Who Visited Your Facebook Profile: The Ultimate Guide


Find Out Who Visited Your Facebook Profile

Facebook is one of the most popular social websites. Millions of people use Facebook every day. Facebook claims that it has 1.59 billion monthly active users. Everyone uses Facebook to connect with their families or friends. I mean everyone has so many friends on this social website. We check someone’s timeline, if we like their profile, we send a friend request. If not, then we don’t. But how can we check that who visited our profile. I mean anyone can check it anytime. How will you find out who visited your Facebook Profile and when did he or she checked it.

I know there are so many third party applications and websites which you can use to check who visited your profile, but the results of those apps or websites are not quite appropriate. So if you are really curious to know who came to your Facebook Profile, just follow the amazing and simple trick which I am gonna mention now.


How To Find Out Who Visited Your Facebook Profile?

1. First of all, just login to your Facebook account and open your Timeline.


2. Now just Right Click on your timeline and tap on View Page Source

3. As a result, you will be redirected to the page which you will see so many codes.

4. Now you need to open the search bar which you can open by pressing Ctrl + F on your keyboard. Type InitialChatFriendsList and search it.

visit fb profile

5. By doing so, you will get many numbers there. Those numbers are actually the people’s Profile IDs who visit to your Facebook Profile.


6. Let me give you an example how the profile ID will be like – 100001924894535-2.Now please note that every ID has -2 in it. If you want to view the profile, you need to remove that -2 from the profile ID which you can do with open a View Page Source And link of profile ID be like this –

The profile ID which is on the first place will signifies that person is visiting your profile regularly. On the other hand the last one will show the person visits your profile rarely.


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