15 Surprising Social Media Facts And Stats You Should know In 2017


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Social Media Facts: This article is all about social media facts and statistics. With social media being such a big deal in today’s society, a huge number of us are hooked to it most of the time and others are addicted and can’t seem to live without Facebook. Of course Facebook is the biggest player, this is expected. Anyways, today let’s talk about some crucial elements regarding social media, and by that I mean the social media facts and statistics that you are probably not even aware of. With new players always streaming into the social media business and the established giants always battling for survival, let’s evaluate some social media facts.

15 Amazing Social Media Facts And Statistics

1. LinkedIn is the most important social network for professionals

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For those inclined towards networking with professionals, this social media platform is of great help. With over 467 million members worldwide, it is amongst the popular networks with active users. Also, a huge number of the users are students and college graduates. Due to the trustworthiness of LinkedIn, lots of millionaires seem to prefer it to other social networks excluding Facebook. In fact, in a poll of 1300 millionaires, at least 41% of them used LinkedIn regularly. In addition, LinkedIn is regarded as a trustworthy source of professional content according to UK business professionals.


2. YouTube is big, but Facebook is colossal

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Many people out there think YouTube out does Facebook in very many aspects. Well, it is high time you updated your info. Facebook eclipses YouTube in an unfathomable way. A poll of web users showed that 77% use Facebook, 63% use YouTube, 25% use LinkedIn, 24% use Google Plus and 21% use Twitter. Now, as you can see, the competition leaves all the other social networks in the dust especially twitter. Regarding Facebook and YouTube, YouTube has around 1 billion users monthly yet Facebook boasts of over 1.86 billion users monthly. Now that is a table turner. Even Facebook messenger is most popular instant messaging app.


3. Youngsters consider Instagram more important than Facebook and Twitter

Being the biggest player doesn’t mean everyone loves you. And so in the case with Facebook. A younger sect of society thinks that Facebook and Twitter are not important. To them, Instagram is the holy grail when it comes to social media and without a doubt Instagram is rapidly growing with over 77 million users in the U.S alone. It is also estimated to reach the 100 million mark in 2018 and that is quite significant. However, like I said, with new social media always popping out, it’s a joke to think that Instagram will remain this loved.

4. More than 75% Internet users use social media

Gone are the days when people only used the internet for sending emails and doing research on Google. With the social media boom and the drastic increase in internet access and use by many people globally, the bigger percentage of internet users get onto the web to use various social media platforms. This number is bound to increase in the coming years with an increase in internet access for people who have no access yet.

5. YouTube has better reach than any other cable network for the 18-49 age group

It may sound bizarre but it’s true. Online streams are surpassing cable TV in regards to popularity and demand and YouTube so happens to be one of the largest online streaming sites. Clearly, YouTube’s popularity and reach has grown rapidly and is still growing.

6. The largest online dating site is actually a social network: Badoo


When you speak of online dating, someone will start thinking of Tinder, AdultFriendFinder or Ashley Madison, etc. simply because they have a better resonance with most people and also perhaps have a huge public profile compared to Badoo. Nevertheless, Badoo is still the king. It’s quite hard to have the clear figures but the estimates from the sources for the aforementioned sites make it clear enough for you to realize the big rift. I know, you are probably stunned by the social media statistics you have so far read. As you read on with the social networking facts and statistics, you may as well like to read the surprising statistics about online dating.


7. Teens need more awareness on privacy and security matters

In as much as pretty much a whole bunch of us are bad at personal privacy and security, teens especially just take it to a whole other level. Only 9% of them have deep concern regarding the privacy of their data. Well, maybe once something bad happens to you because of caring less for your data, you will start taking privacy and security seriously. In the meantime, you can as well read these amazing tips on online safety used by experts. It will help you a lot.

8. One wrong social media post can mess you up bigtime

Regardless of it being a fun silly post, a rant about something or a nonchalant post that isn’t at all malicious, your life can take a twist right about that moment when they (lots of sensitive social media users) all gang up on you. A lot of celebrities have fallen victim to this aspect and their lives plus careers were scarred. Never should you use Twitter or Facebook or any other social media as your playground for inappropriate posts.   Just always think twice about whatever you may want to post, it could save you from messing up your reputation or career or just about anything in your life.


9. Social media promotes growth of extreme analogous views.

According to social scientists Walter Quattrociocchi, Antonio Scala and Cass Sunstein, social media has encouraged users to promote their favorite narratives and cluster themselves in groups and resist information that deviates from their point of view. This in turn leads to growth of extreme ideas and this is referred to as the echo chamber effect.

10. Reddit is the best social network for large-scale communities

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Reddit has over 234 million unique users and over 11,464 active communities not to mention 853,824 subreddits. It has a very robust and active user base amongst the social media networks with average visit length at 13+ minutes, 8 billion monthly Reddit pageviews and over 25 million votes on Reddit daily.

11. Most social networks are evenly split between males and females

This applies all other social media excluding Pinterest that has 42% females and only 13% males. Facebook is used by 77% females and 66% males, Instagram has 29% females and 22% males, Twitter is used by 21% females and 24% males and LinkedIn has 27% females and 28% males.

12. Revenge porn and accidental leaks are growing threats

Well, just like they say, always know that the internet never forgets and so is the case when someone leaks your nudes (considering it is the best example there is). And regarding this subject, women are overwhelmingly the victims. Revenge porn can destroy relationships as well as educational and employment opportunities and pretty much anything else about your life. You better watch out for that.

13. The biggest advocates have the fewest followers on Twitter

It is just a general thought associated with people that those with the most number of followers are the ones to link up with in order to further a brand. This is actually not valid. Research shows that over 91% of mentions on Twitter are made by users with followers just over 500 and the “power users” are responsible for 1 out of 10 mentions. This brings us to the question, who should you focus on? Well, the answer is definitely the little guys. They may not have that many followers but they still hold a lot of power too. So, focus on these guys, quit bugging those with many followers.

14. Fridays are Facebook’s best day for engagement

On social media, keeping your followers or friends engaged is really a big deal. Without engagement, you risk your presence fading away. Social networking statistics show that Fridays are Facebook’s best day for engagement. It is important to keep getting the likes, comments and shares every time. Obviously, you will need to post quality content regularly (daily at best) to keep your followers engaged.

15. Photos drive engagement on Facebook pages

Is there any person that doesn’t love photos? Well, I don’t think so. Photos are a big deal on Facebook, especially when one gets the 100 likes they were yearning for. This goes to show without a doubt that Photos crush it on Facebook. With nice photos you can never go wrong because people love nice stuff.

With these social networking facts and statistics, I am beginning to rethink the idea of signing up on some of the social networks I have never tried. Well, now that you know these amazing social media facts and statistics, what social networks do you use and why? Please let us know in our comments section. Cheers.