5 Best Programming Languages Every Beginners Should Learn


Programming Language For Beginners

For the beginner in Programming that most important to choose the best “Programming Language” that will help in the future. If you are good in programming and you want to make your career as a Programmer, but you are confused which “Programming Language” is most beneficial to learn that will help you in the future. If you have a good command in creativity and you have an interest in creating websites, games and mobile apps. Here are some “Programming Languages” that can help you as a beginner as a Programmer.

Some Steps before Choosing Any “Programming Language”, you must undergo from these steps:-

  • Find out your interest of area so that it can help you to choose right “Programming Language”.
  • Don’t start with any difficult “Programming Language”, but choose the easiest “Programming Language”, that will make your interest and you don’t get confused.
  • learn some basic concepts of these “Programming Languages”.

 Here are some basic “Programming Languages,” C, C++, Python, HTML & many more.

Python: – Python is one of the easiest programming language you can start with. It is an effective approach to object-oriented programming language. The programs that are created in this language are easy to understand & easily executed. This language is open-source & free to use even for commercial applications.


NOTE: Some leading companies are using python, for instance Google, Yahoo, NASA, Instagram etc.


Ruby: – Ruby is another most easiest programming language, developed by computer scientist Yukihiro Matsumoto in the 90s. It’s a dynamic, open-source, object-oriented programming language. You don’t need to learn a lot of commands in Ruby, since, Ruby on rails is a framework, its essentially a collection of Ruby shortcuts.

It is heavily used in web development, websites including GitHub and Groupon are working on Ruby.

C/C++: – These languages are developed in 80’s. These “Programming Languages” are one of the most basic “Programming Languages” that are still being in used & many websites are working on it. These “Programming Languages” have influenced in almost every “Programming Languages” C++ is the next version of C language. C/C++ is that much more beneficial that can help you if you are not using them and learning any other “Programming Languages”. C is the structural “Programming Language” while C++ is “Object Oriented Programming Language”. The major difference between C & C++ “Programming Language” is that C doesn’t support classes, but C++ is a combination of Procedural and Object Oriented “Programming Language”, therefore C++ can be called as hybrid language.

NOTE: C & C++ are foundational language in computer science & programming & using cross-platform operating system. Before learning any other “Programming Language” you must learn C/C++ “Programming Language”. These languages are the most basic used in any other “Programming Languages”


Java: – Java is the best and most used “Programming Language,” that is the best scope not presently but also in future. Everyone knows this “Programming Language” is widely used in present any websites, mobile apps, games & many more have been created by using this language. Java has been created in 90’s. Many versions of this language have been launched. This language is the general-purpose computer programming language, i.e. concurrent, class-based. Java applications can run on any Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Java is almost influenced by “C/C++ Programming Language”. The syntax that is used in Java is almost same as that are present in C/C++ language. Advanced Java is using in presently & many more versions are using.

NOTE: The latest version is SE8 in 2014 year. These are some sites that are using Java like Amazon, Linkedin, Web.archive.org.


SQL (Structured Query Language): – This Programming Language is basically used to access the database. This language is used for Cross-Platform operating system. This language is not used in only small business, but also used in big business like Hospitals, Universities and other fields. This is also the basic language that you can learn and ease to use. This language is basically used to handle the data or manage the data in an easy and accurate way. This language is based on relational algebra and tuple relational calculus.

Note: – Google, Skype, Dropbox are using this language. And, SQL is providing many jobs for the job-seekers.