IDM (Internet Download manager) is the most popular and fastest download manager on the internet. IDM is personally my favorite download manager. IDM is only available for Windows users and you can’t be installed in other major operating systems like Linux, Mac etc., it’s the biggest disadvantage of IDM. Moreover, IDM is not for free available.

Well, the ultimate solution of the IDM is XDM. XDM is well known as the “Xtreme Download Manager.” XDM is fully free for download. It is an advanced and most powerful download manager that allows you to download everything much better way, and it is written in the Java programming language. It’s compatible with all major operating systems like Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. XDM will be easily integrated with all major Browsers like Chrome, Firefox, opera etc.

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The main advantage of the XDM is that it downloads the files up to 500% faster speed. It also supports HTTP, HTTPS, firewalls, cookies, FTP protocols, etc. I recently installed XDM on my PC and it works very similar as IDM. Let us see how it works?

Installing XDM on Mac OS X and Windows

Download the XDM from the following link below. You can directly install it on windows, but Mac users need to install Java before installing XDM.

Download From Here:     XDM

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