20 Best VLC Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows And Mac OS

Yeah! You can do almost anything with keyword shortcuts, it is the best way to be productive on a windows PC and MAC. With the keyboard shortcuts, you can perform a task much quicker and easier. Along with the PC, there are many third party software follows keyword shortcuts.

You would be familiar with VLC media player, it can play almost everything and any formats. In this compilation, you would find VLC keyboard shortcuts for Windows and MAC.


20 Best VLC Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts

1. Full Screen


Windows: F

Mac OS: Command+F

2. Exit Full Screen

Windows: Esc or F


Mac OS: Command+F

3. Pause/Play


Windows: Spacebar

Mac OS: Spacebar

4. Turn on/off Subtitles

Windows: V

Mac OS: S

5. Jump Forward/Backward

Windows: Ctrl+left/Right (short), Alt+Left/Right (Medium), Shift+Left/Right (Long)

Mac OS: Command +Ctrl+left/Right (short), Command+Option+Left/Right (Medium), command+Shift+Left/Right (Long)

6. Control Volume

Windows: Ctrl+ (Up/Down) arrow

Mac OS: Command+Up/Down arrow

7. Mute

Windows: M

Mac OS: Command+Option+Down

8. Open File

Windows: Ctrl+O

Mac OS: Command+O

9. Change Aspect Ratio

Windows: A

Mac OS: A

10. Manage Subtitle delay

 Windows: Decrease “G” and Increase “H”

Mac OS: Decrease “H” and Increase “J”

11. Manage Audio delay

Windows: Decrease “J” and Increase “K”

Mac OS: Decrease “F” and Increase “G”

12. Moves Frame by Frame

Windows: E

Mac OS: E

13. Hide Controls

Windows: Ctrl+H

Mac OS: Command+H

14. Manage Bookmarks

Windows: Ctrl+B

Mac OS: Command+B

15. Open and Save Playlist

Windows: Open “Ctrl+L” and Save “Ctrl+Y”

Mac OS: Open “Command+L” and Save “Command+Y”

16. Play Next or Previous Track List

Windows: Use “N” for next and use “P” for previous

Mac OS: Use “command+Right Arrow Key” for next and for previous “Command+Left Arrow Key”

17. See Playback Time

Windows: Use “T” to see the playback time.

Mac OS: Use “T” to see the playback time.

18. Change Playback Speed

Windows: Increase “+” and Decrease “_”

Mac OS: use command and “+” together for increase playback speed and use command and “-” together to decrease playback speed.

19. Take a Screenshot

Windows: Shift+s

Mac OS: Shift+S

20. Access Effects and Filters Menu

Windows: Ctrl+E

Mac OS: Command+E

Did you find this article helpful? Do let us know if we have missed any VLC keyboard shortcuts via comment box below.