Hybrid App Maker: How To Build An Application Without Coding?

popularity of the phone, who can tell you?  People more prefer mobile apps over mobile browsing. As you all know that iOS and Android are major mobile operating system in the world.

But we talk about app development, then our first thought comes in mind – “App development is only for mastered programmer.”


But now hybrid application development made it possible for non-developer and allows you to create any type of application (like: eCommerce, news, game and more). So, we’re with How to develop (create) an application without coding.


App Maker: How To Build An Application Without Coding?

There are a lot of websites available on the internet that allow you create an application (like: Android App, iOS App and Windows app) without any coding. But here’s some good websites for you on the basis of users and developers reviews.

Features offer these websites:-

  • No need of coding
  • Free and paid
  • Earn money by your apps
  • Modify apps at any time
  • Html 5 support

1. AppsGeyser

AppsGeyser is a free service that allows you to convert your content into an App that makes money. Also provides all the premium features like messaging, social sharing and also support HTML5 enhancements. It also helps you to build apps for your business and make profit through apps.

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2. Appy Pie

Appy Pie is one of the fastest growing cloud based App Builder Software (App Maker) that allows users to build an app without any programming skills. You can create Android app as well iOS app and publish it on Google Play Store or iTunes. Appy pie has very easy user interface so anybody can build an app using drag and drop app pages. It also supports HTML 5.


3. Buzztouch

Buzztouch is one the best app maker software and it’s the open source App Engine that powers of thousands of iPhones, iPad and Android applications. The BtCentral control panel is an open source web based software that is used to administer mobile apps created using Buzztouch.

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4. AppYet

AppYet is another free service that allows you to create a professional Android app. You can create an app only in a few minutes and no need of any programming language. It supports RSS/Atom, Html5, podcast, YouTube, twitter and Mapbox. They’re automatically converted into stunning 100% pure native apps for Android. You can sell it or publish it Google play store.

5. AppClay

AppClay has many features and pricing start from $9.99/month. AppClay allows you to create Android, Blackberry, and HTML5 based application. AppClay has very simple interface, so anybody can create HTML5 and Android native app without any knowledge of coding.

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