5 Best Anonymous Online File Uploader Services Free


While we work online, we all need to send files to colleagues, clients or business partners. Then our first choice comes out an email, but email attachment has some restrictions on file sizes as well as the maximum number of file sending at once. For files, sending big files rid of overflowing email inbox there are various cloud based files sharing services available online including Dropbox, Google Drive and others. You need make an account in these online file sharing services. But here, we provide some alternative where you upload large files anonymously.

5 Best Anonymous File Upload Services Free


1. File dropper (link)


File Dropper is one of the simplest and the fastest file hosting websites that allows you to upload any file without registration. Also, it allows you to share your stuff fastest way and quickly.
File Dropper allows you upload your file up to 5GB. Also, if your file is not downloaded anywhere, your file will be removed from the server in 30 days.  

2. We Transfer (link)

We Transfer is one free, easiest and simplest way to send your files online anywhere without registration. You can easily upload 2 GB files and share data with full of control. This is the platform where you can send files to anyone, also anywhere in the world without any stress.

3. Sendspace (link)


Sendspace is best free services provided in the world. Where you can send to big files, also receives and share big files with anyone in the world.

4. Zippyshare (link)


Zippyshare is one best free online data sharing services. It is free and very easy way to store and share your files online. You can upload your files up to 200MB and can download anywhere. Also, the service removed your files if there is no activity found in 30 days.

5. Tiny Upload (link)

Tiny Upload is an easy file hosting website with an interactive user interface. It says there is no limit on download or upload files. But, the file is restricted to 50MB. This service is available free and forever.