10 Interesting Facts About Ubuntu Linux You Probably Don’t Know


Facts about Ubuntu

Since the first release 12 years ago today, when Mark Shuttleworth, a South African astronaut had started this project to make “Linux for Human Being. Since then, Linux world has changed forever.

In last 12 years of journey, Ubuntu made Linux easier with “No of Innovative Implementations” including amazing App Store, Wubi installer, etc.  In this article, I will be talking about 10 amazing facts about Ubuntu Linux.


Interesting Facts About Ubuntu Linux

1. The world’s fastest supercomputer runs on the Chinese version of Ubuntu. Moreover, Linux runs 97% of the supercomputers.


2. The word “Ubuntu” describes the African philosophy, which means “I am because of who we all are.” Its logo is a circle of friends, which represents that three people holding arms – representing a community that supports each other.


3. Ubuntu follows a very strict development schedule. It releases a new stable version in every six months, in April and in October.

4. After windows, Ubuntu is the 2nd most popular operating system in the world. The Canonical claims that there are more 1 billion devices running on Ubuntu.

5. A number of big enterprises use Ubuntu Including Uber, and Lyft. Also, Google has its own custom Ubuntu called “Goobuntu.”


6. More than 20 percent web servers are powered by Ubuntu. Ubuntu is the most used Operating systems on webservers.

7. Ubuntu is the world’s most popular cloud operating system. And Microsoft partnered with a canonical for Microsoft’s own cloud services.


8. French police has massively migrated 80,000 windows PCs into Ubuntu. And saved over 2 million euro.

9. The code names of Ubuntu release with combination of an adjective and an animal with the same first letter (for instance, Xenial Xerus).

10. Google’s Self driving car is also powered by a stripped version of Ubuntu.

11. According to Distrowatch, there are more than 75 Linux Distributions currently active, which are based on Ubuntu.

You can watch here more facts about Ubuntu Linux.

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