What Is Raspberry Zero? 5 Best Raspberry Pi Zero Alternatives – Explained


Raspberry Pi Zero Alternatives

Raspberry Pi Zero is an extremely cost-effective onboard computer with limited features as expected. The cost of $5 makes it affordable to almost every user but a few important features such as USB port, Bluetooth module and HDMI port have been compromised. The lower price does not make much sense if you do not have the necessary features to accomplish your task. Thus, a lot of users are forced to look for better alternatives to Raspberry Pi Zero. There are hundreds of similar models and thus, we have selected 5 best Raspberry Pi Zero alternatives that can offer better features at reasonable price.

5 best Raspberry Pi Zero alternatives

1. C.H.I.P. ($9.00)



GHIP is among the affordable onboard computer on our list with just $9.00 and thus it is the most preferred alternative to Raspberry Pi Zero. The extra $4 gives you both WiFi and Bluetooth modules. It also provides better connectivity with VGA ports. These are some of the main features that makes it much better choice without needing to spend too much of extra cost. It also has a built-in charging circuitry to charge Lithium Power battery.


2. Orange Pi Zero ($20.00)

Orange Pi Zero ($20.00)

Raspberry Pi Zero was not only limited in terms of features but also power. Orange Pi Zero would suit your requirements if you are looking for a decent power at a decent price. The improved power comes from the Quad-core Cortex-A7 processor as compared to single core processor that powers Raspberry Pi Zero. Along with power, it offers impressive features with a WiFi module, two USB ports, microphone input and 512MB of RAM. The 100 Mbps Ethernet port is probably the most impressive feature at this cost.

3. Nano Pi Neo Air ($17.99)

Nano Pi Neo Air

Nano Pi Neo Air impresses everyone with its smaller size but better features and more power. The first thing that you notice in the board is its powerful Quad-core Cortex-A7 1.2 GHz processor that is supported by 512 MB DDR3 RAM. You can easily connect it to a variety of peripherals as it has a micro USB OTG port. Connect it to the internet via LAN, thanks to the 10/100M Ethernet port. You can take care of all your storage with a micro SD card that you can insert in micro SD card slot.


4 . LinkIt Smart 7688 ($14.00)

Link It

LinkIt Smart 7688 makes a strong statement with MediaTek MT7688 580 MHz MIPS processor at a very competitive price of just $14. The 32MB Flash memory should be enough for most DIY users who are not prepared to invest too much. 128 MB DDR2 RAM provides enough support to the processor to enable it to run smoothly.


5. Onion Omega2 ($5)

Onion Omega2

Onion Omega2 gives you absolutely nothing to choose between the two in terms of cost. But, we have chosen it as one of the best alternatives to Raspberry Pi Zero because of the features like 802.11b/g/ WiFi module and HDMI Port that you missed in Raspberry Pi Zero.  It is also packed with more power that comes from 400 MHz single core processor.