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There was a time when we were nomads eating raw meat. Then came the fire, which made things easier. We’ve come a long way from there. And now to make things much easier, we decided to make our homes smart. Smart Home involves the automation of various appliances in our houses. They use smart home products which are just like any other gadgets, but unfortunately people have many misconceptions regarding it.

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7 Common Smart Home Myths

1. Smart Home is nothing but a Gimmick

Whenever a new technology emerges, good to be cautious. After all, not everything that shines is gold. But then some things are. Some products may just be gimmicks, but some are really good. For example, the Nest thermostat can drastically reduce your electric bills.


2. Installing Smart Home is Expensive

Products like Philips Hue lights cost $200 while a Belkin WeMo smart plug can cost about $50 per plug.  This surely isn’t cheap. But relatively speaking, this isn’t very costly either. Some time ago the prices for a full setup was $1,000. But why buy  the whole thing. The best way to keep this affordable is to just buy the important features.

3. Smart Home is very Technical

Hearing smart home, you might be thinking that maybe that the smart home is just too smart for you. But then it is not so. Maybe, certain products involve some technical proficiency like the Nest Thermostat, but the other products are easy. And the worst case scenario would be just hiring someone to do it.

4. Smart Home is a Necessity

We always have two extremes. And just like that the fanatics want to convince everyone into installing it. But then while smart home products are useful, not everyone actually needs them. For example, if you’re renting an apartment, installing a Nest Thermostat might be an issue. Also moving out will become a nuisance.

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5. Smart Homes keep you Safe

Smart security devices are quite popular these days. But it is not a 100% guarantee, that you will be totally protected. Some of them just create an illusion and bring peace to mind, which in its own sense has some advantages. Also, many of the security system can be done in “non-smart” ways.

6. Smart Homes kill your Privacy

Many claim that smart home products can compromise your privacy. Technically, they aren’t wrong. But that doesn’t mean that all of them do. It’s still possible to smarten up your home using only products that preserve your privacy.


Maybe anything with a camera or microphone might be problematic. But that’s not the case with smart thermostat, smart sprinkler, or smart light bulb.

7. Smart Homes Are Consumer-Ready

Break The 7 Common Smart Home Myths 2 - Copy

Smart home technology sounds cool. But still it is not still mainstream, actually it i still in it’s novice stage. Though the products are not difficult to set up, they are not a piece of cake either. The industry still has some hurdles to overcome, like agreeing upon a single standard.

But still home automation is one heck of a cool technology to explore.

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