Is It Possible To Convert 1GB File Into 100MB, 10MB Or 7MB?


Convert 1 GB File Into 100 MB

Hey, guys! Is it possible to compress 1GB files into around 100MB or 200MB? Possibly, most of us the answer would be “NO.”  Well, even I didn’t have much idea about it.

I did Google and found really shocking results. Many blogs claim that “Convert 1GB File Into 7MB,” “Compress 1GB File into 10MB” and compress 1GB file into 100MB. They all recommended same software – KGB Archiver. After reading these articles, I have decided to review this software. I will share the result, whatever I got from KGB Archiver compression software.


What is KGB Software?

Many readers would be familiar with KGB Archiver but who don’t know about it – ‘it is a compression tool which comes with a high-compression rate and provides better compression rate than WinRaR, 7Zip, UHARC etc.’ It also allows you to encrypt your with KGB Archiver which used AES (Advanced Encryption System) with 256 bit Key to encrypt the data. It’s also available for Windows and Linux. It takes a lot of time during compression, due to very high compression rate offered by KGB Archiver Software. After the compression, your file will save with ‘.kgb” extension and it can’t be open with any other Archiver software.


Features of KGB Archiver Compression Software

  • Create Password protected highly compressed file.
  • Support Multilanguage like Arabic, English, Greek, Japanese and more.
  • Support ‘.kgb’ and ‘.zip’ files.
  • You can select various compression levels like normal, normal, maximum, extreme and more.
  • Able to create self-extracting archives.

How much compression rate provides KGB Archiver?

Now the most important question – Is KGB Archiver really compressed 1GB files into 7MB, 10MB or 100MB? Well I have tried to compress various formats of files with “Maximum” compression level. With the results I have tried to analyze the data and I got a compression rate is 1% or near to 1% with different file formats.

KGB test

Video File (MP4 format)

  • Original Size: 8.8 MB
  • Compressed File Size: 8.6 MB
  • Compression Ratio: 97.8%
  • Time taken: Around 7 min

Audio File (MP3 Format)

  • Original Size: 6.8 MB
  • Compressed File Size: 6.6 MB
  • Compression Ratio: 87.2%
  • Time Taken: Around 4 min

Image (JPG)

  • Original size: 129 KB
  • Compressed Size: 126 KB
  • Compression Ratio: 97.7%
  • Time Taken: Around 20 Sec.

Document (PDF File)

  • Original size: 3.0 MB
  • Compressed Size: 2.6 MB
  • Compression Ratio: 86.7%
  • Time Taken: Around 1 Min.

Installation File (.exe)

  • Original size: 69 MB
  • Compressed Size: 65.1 MB
  • Compression Ratio: 94.4%
  • Time Taken: Around 20 Min.

If you want to use this software you can download it from the link below.

For Windows 10 and windows 8 users.

   KGB Archiver


For windows 7 and Windows XP users.

   KGB Archiver



It is very much clear that it’s almost impossible to convert 1GB file into 1MB to 100MB with KGB Archiver. As you can see above the result, maximum compression is around 1%.

These are the results are found in my system and May be KGB Archiver perform better with Higher CPU power, but still Convert 1GB file into 100MB or 7MB, it’s impossible.

If you have tried KGB Archiver and obtained better results than I have. Do share with us by commenting below.


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