When you search something on Google as popular and trusted search engine. You probably never think twice about the safety of domain.

The thenextweb noticed something weird about the domain “www.google.com” in Google Analytics. A piece of spam was telling that to vote for Donald Trump.  Wasn’t it weird. But the domain was: ɢoogle.com (Warning: please don’t go there).

Yeah, that’s right. The capital “G” seems smaller than normal and even same happen with smaller case ‘g.’ Let’s take a closer look into it.

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If you observe carefully, ɢ is a Latin letter small-capital G, also known as Unicode 0262.  The smaller G is part of subset of special characters that is also used in funny or spammy domains like http://√.com or http://日本語.jp.


When you enter the URL “ɢoogle.com” in your browser address bar, it is actually leading to xn--oogle-wmc.com, which would turn into the following address.

Source: tnw

You can see here the homepage of fake Google.



Yeah! i will never recommended to visit this site. It’s definitely not same as “Google.”  It can harm your personal details even your PC.

Vitaly Popov is a Russian spammer who has been using same technique to send fake traffic to websites for years. He has owned website “ilovevitaly.com” is same as “ɢoogle.com.”

Be careful, you should must think twice before visiting this types of site. This type of site can harm you potentially.