GearBest Sales Storm, GearBest Biggest Flash Sale Is Live Now



When it comes to China-based online stores, those selling gadgets should be the biggest in terms of store quantity and product quality. If you are looking for gadget shops and electronics products at very low price is doing international business everywhere, is one of them.

Today’s GearBest comes up with a “Sales Storm.” Let’s check out, what they are offering in this sales Storm.


GearBest’s Sale Storm

GearBest’s sale storm began on 9th November, 2016 at 16:00 UTC and it will end on 21th November, 2016. You can see also on home screen 11.11 (the one).


What is 11.11 (the one)?. Well, it looks something cool, isn’t it. The 11.11 means single’s Day, the people who don’t have a girlfriend or for a single boy. It’s a just reason for a single person going shopping that day.

To put 11.11 in perspective, the 11.11 sales are much bigger than Black Friday sale. It is showing huge offers and discounts for every customers. Here’s the real comparison based on online revenue.

  • Black Friday 2015: US$1.656 billion (source)
  • 11.11 2015: US$14.3 billion (source)

It is clearly say that 11.11 sale 9 times bigger than Black Friday sale. And the major events spread out between 9th -14th November.


GearBest comes with massive sale on Smartphones, Intel Inside PCs and Tablets, Smart Life accessories, TV boxes and mobile phones accessories.


They are offering also Free Gifts, points and Discount coupon for every customer with leading electronics.


You can here check out the GearBest Sales Storm video.


So, this was all about the storming sale that will shower you with huge discounts, Free Gifts and exciting coupons. So, what are you waiting for, grab the great discounts and offers right now.

Grab The GearBest’s Sale Storm

Do let us know if you are enjoying the sale in the comment section below. And Let us know if you won any Gift from the website.