Google has added endless runner game “Chrome Canary” in Chrome browser. Google Chrome users are familiar with the T-Rex dinosaur (Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur), the game is only accessible when your PC is not connected to the internet. It is completely hidden unless you know where to look (T-Rex dinosaur).
The new error page was first time come in open-source project “Chromium Browser.”

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What is much more interesting about T-Rex Dinosaur?

When offline dinosaur in your chrome, Press the space bar in chrome to activate and chrome tab will quickly turn into the game. The T-Rex dinosaur will run now and your mission is to prevent it from bumping into saguaros.

How To Play Dinosaur Game Hidden Inside Your Google Chrome Browser 1

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What’s the game mode of?

This game is written in JavaScript and you can find the complete source code in chromium responsibility. And it’s not only available on PC, the dinosaur game is also available in Chrome for Android. You will have to just switch your mobile in airplane mode. The only difference is that instead of the space bar, you need to just tap on the screen to jump/fly the dinosaur.

How To Play Dinosaur Game Hidden Inside Your Google Chrome Browser 2

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