How To Increase Your Android Phone’s Battery Life: Best Tricks To Try


How To Increase Your Android Phone's Battery Life 8

The smartphone is the first thing we check when we wake up and when we go to sleep. We can say that if you don’t have a Smartphone in 2k16 then maybe you are not smart either. People use their Android phones for so many purposes like calling, gaming, being social, etc. But these things rely on the battery of that Android device, the longer the battery the longer they can use it. But the research said that Android devices consumes more battery to perform various tasks. As a result, the battery life of that android give up. Lots of people use a battery booster app and many others just to increase their Android Battery Life but won’t get satisfactory results. So that’s why today I have come up with 2 best methods you can use to Increase The Battery Backup Of Your Android Device.

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1. Without Any App


This method will work on any Android phone and this is the simple and sweet method to increase battery backup of your Android device.


a) Open Settings, scroll down and click on About Phone. Now you will see Build Number Just tap 9-10 times on Build Number and results, Developer Options will be activated.

How To Increase Your Android Phone's Battery Life

b) Then go back to Settings and you will see a Developer options will be there. Just click on it and scroll down till you find options like Transition Animation Scale, Window Animation Scale and Animation Duration Scale.


How To Increase Your Android Phone's Battery Life 2

c) If you will check the default value, then it will be 1.0. Just set them to 0.5 or you can off them all.

How To Increase Your Android Phone's Battery Life 3

By doing this, you will see your battery backup will increase up to 30-40% than before.


2. By Using Greenify App

This app is not like the other battery booster app. This app hibernated all those apps who are running background and consuming more battery. The best part is that this app won’t stop those background apps completely, but just reduce the capacity so that the battery won’t drain. This app will only work on rooted android device. So if you want to root your android just click on the link below.

How To Root Android Mobile Without PC, Using KingoRoot App


a) First of all, go to the Google Play Store and Download and Install Greenify App.

How To Increase Your Android Phone's Battery Life 4

b) Now open the app and set it to superuser access. After doing that you will see 3 options, just forget those and click on the hibernate icon which is on your bottom right corner.

How To Increase Your Android Phone's Battery Life 5

c) You can set Greenify App to your default services also. And that’s all, now the app will hibernate those apps which you are not using currently. And you will get more battery life for your Android device.

How To Increase Your Android Phone's Battery Life 6

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