10 Samsung Galaxy S7 features The iPhone 6S Doesn’t Have


Top 10 Amazing Features Of Samsung Galaxy S7 2A day before yesterday, Samsung, the South Korean company launched two Smartphones at an event at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain. The smartphones that have been launched are of S Series of Samsung named Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Both the phones are awesome and premium on their part. But today I will only tell you about the features of Samsung Galaxy S7. Those cool and amazing features that Galaxy S7 has and iPhone 6s doesn’t. So let’s take a look on those 10 features of Galaxy S7 which you won’t find in iPhone 6s.

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10 Samsung Galaxy S7 features The iPhone 6S Doesn’t Have

Top 10 Amazing Features Of Samsung Galaxy S7 3

1. High-resolution Super AMOLED Display


Samsung is very well known for their best screen quality. So in both the phones Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge they provide the Quad HD Resolution AMOLED displays which is awesome when you look at it. On the other hand iPhone 6s and 6s Plus doesn’t have Quad HD Resolution as well as AMOLED displays.


2. “Always On” And Double The RAM

This is latest feature Samsung announced with their phones. Now the screen won’t go to the sleep on Galaxy S7. “Always On” feature always put your screen on and you can check time and notifications without touch or wake up your device. Samsung said that this feature only takes 0.8 percent battery life of your Galaxy S7. Whereas, on the iPhone you won’t find that kind of feature. You have to wake up your device to check time and notifications. If we talk about the RAM of both the devices, then Galaxy S7 has 4 GB Ram and iPhone has only 2 GB RAM.

3. Dust And Water Resistant

Due to IP68 rating of Samsung Galaxy S7, it is clear that S7 is dust proof and water resistant. Whereas iPhone 6s is also quite a water resistant phone. It can handle water very well. But it is not certified that iPhone 6s is a dust and waterproof phone.


4. Micro SD Support

This is the best thing Samsung has done for all its customers. Last year people were sad that they didn’t get expandable storage in their Samsung devices. But in 2k16, Samsung made the people a lot happier by providing 200GB expandable storage in Galaxy S7and S7 Edge. And on iPhones, I never found an SD Card slot.


5. Bigger Pixels

Samsung puts 1.44 micron pixels on Galaxy S7’s camera that will enhance more light in it and will perform better while taking pictures. These pixels are 30% bigger than the pixels Apple used in iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. They used 1.22 micron pixels.

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6. Better Camera Aperture And Faster Auto Focus

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has come out with f/1.7 aperture which will definitely well than iPhone 6S’ f/2.2 aperture. S7 will take better pictures in Low light conditions. The Auto focus of S7 is very fast than before. In low light conditions, iPhone 6s lacks with its focus. Take a shot and see. You will be amazed that S7’s auto focus works faster than iPhone 6s.

7. Bigger Batteries

Galaxy S7 has 3000mAh battery life and S7 Edge has 3600mAh battery life which are definitely better than iPhone 6s’ 1715mAH battery life and 6s Plus’ 2750mAH battery life. Apple really needs to focus on their battery part.

8. Water-Cooling

This is the new feature Samsung added to the Galaxy S7. Now in S7, CPU performance will be 30% faster and also 3D Graphics performance will be 64% faster than S6. I don’t know what magic Samsung has done. But iPhone 6s doesn’t have this feature in it.

9. Faster Wired Charging And Wireless Charging

With wired charging, your S7’s battery will completely charge from 0 to 100 percent in 45 to 50 minutes. And with wireless charging, your battery will take 100 minutes to get a full charge. But iPhone 6s doesn’t have wireless charging feature.

10. Virtual Reality (VR) With Oculus

With this new thinking and VR feature in galaxy S7, Samsung is opening a new world to us. We can see the video the way we had never seen before. We can actually feel our presence in the video, and can have a more realistic feel now. Apple still takes his time to make an announcement on virtual reality in iPhone.

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