Well first, you should know from today onward that “over charging” a laptop’s battery doesn’t cause your battery to harm itself but it’s rather “over heating” and full battery discharge that pose a serious threat to your laptop battery. Either way, I know you will still ask if you should keep your laptop plugged in all the time and you are skeptical about it.

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Before I give you an incisive look into the matter at hand, there are crucial points that you must note regarding your laptop battery and as such, I would like to start by telling you about your laptop battery. Laptops are powered by several different types of batteries. These batteries provide direct-current power to your laptop. Lithium-ion or Lithium polymer is what is in most laptops. This is the type you want to have in your laptops. Its light weight and performs better compared to other battery types. They are basically designed in a way that as soon as they are fully(100%) charged, they stop charging and this means they can’t be over charged. Keeping it plugged into the power supply won’t harm the battery and battery life since these batteries stop receiving energy and bypass it directly to your laptop’s power supply. Always keep in mind to always extend and maintain battery life by employing good practices like avoiding to discharge your battery entirely continuously. This would improve the battery life.

So, with that incisive look into battery basics and specifics, we can find some solutions that can help. In consonance with the tests carried out by battery university, a battery charged fully at 100% will only have 300-500 discharge cycles whereas if it were charged at 70-80%, it would get 1000-2000 discharge cycles. Also always keep in mind not to let the laptop over heat. Excessive heating is usually caused by laptop hardware and therefore must be dealt with since it can determine your battery life. And with that, we can note a few of these utterly important tips.

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I hope that will better help you on how to take care of your laptops and prolong your laptop battery life too. If you have any comments or feel like adding anything else you may know, you can let us know in the comments section.