Best CMD Commands Used In Hacking

Windows is most powerful GUI based operating system. You can easily install any software, according to your need in windows based PC. Command prompt is one the most powerful tool is windows. You can do anything with the command prompt.

DOS operating system – you can perform any task with the help of command. DOS is the first command based operating system from the Microsoft. DOS was fully command based operating system.


In this article, we are going to provide you a list of best CMD commands used in Hacking. If you wanna be a hacker learn these commands very carefully. Let’s drive it.


Best CMD Commands Used In Hacking

1. Ping

This command allows you to determine TCP/IP, networks and IP address. It also determines the issues with network and assists in resolving them.

ping x.x.x.x (where x – x is the IP address). You can try pinging, which is Google default IP address. Or you can “ping” (this is the website you want to ping, if you don’t know the IP address).

2. nslookup

Nslookup is a network administration command line that is used for querying the Domain Name System (DNS) to obtain the IP address mapping or domain name.

For instance: ‘nslookup’ (this command allows you to find IP address of


Yeah! You can also find out the IP address of specific Mail Servers through nslookup.

nslookup (press enter)

set type=mx (press enter again)

This command will give you the mail server of IP of


3. tracert

tracert is a command-line utility that records the route through the internet between your computer and a specified destination computer. It calculates and displays the amount of time each hop took.

tracert x.x.x.x (x is the IP address)

or, ‘tracetrt‘ (if you want to know the IP address of

4. arp

arp command will show you the arp table. This command also helps you to find out if someone has made up poisoning in your LAN using this command.

arp -a

5. route

route command will show you the routing table, gateway, interface and metric.

route print

6. ipconfig

This is of the most important command, it will show you a lot of useful things, for instance – your IP, Gateway, DNS in use etc.

ipconfig or ipconfig/all

Also, if you are using dynamic IP address and want to change it, then type.

ipconfig/release (this will release your IP address)

ipconfig/renew (this will renew your IP address)

7. Netstat CMD command

This command allows you to find out, who is establishing a connection with your computer. This command provides the information about all active connection and listings ports.

netstat-a (display all connections).

netstat-n (sorts connection in numerical order).

netstat-b (display executable. This is browser name).

Did you find this article helpful? Do let me know if we have missed any best hacking CMD commands via comment box.