Top 5 Best Android Games For TimePass: Must Try In 2017


Top 5 Best Android Games For Time Pass 7Every person who has an Android device definitely play games on it. I mean sometimes people have nothing to do, they are just sitting and getting bored. This actually happens when you are waiting for someone. It would feel like time just stopped. That time you love to play games on your phone. But what If those games are not worth to kill your time. People just download games by their popularity and rating. It’s always difficult to find the coolest and addictive games which will really help you pass your boring time. So that’s why I have come up with Top 5 Best Android Games, which are really worth to play and you won’t complain after playing them.

Best Android Games

1. Backflip Madness


Top 5 Best Android Games For Time Pass

It is an arcade style game. The game has only 3 levels, which seems really simple, but trust me! This game is really frustrating and difficult that it will blow your mind. This game is paid (1$) and developed by Gamesoul Studio. I bet you will love this game, it is worth to buy this addictive game.


2. NES Emulator 64 in 1

Top 5 Best Android Games For Time Pass 2

If you are a 90’s kid then you will must realize the importance of these cool games I am going to mention. NES Emulator is actually the collection of 64 NES games including Super Mario, Tank, Bomber Man and so many more. And the best part is it will highly take 9mb space on your Android Phone.

3. Where’s My Water?

Top 5 Best Android Games For Time Pass 4

This is one of the best addictive game I’ve ever played. This game is an award winning puzzle game by Disney. You can play this game up to 5 to 6 hours continuously and I assure you that you won’t get bored with this game. The free version has 15+ puzzles and Paid version has more than 500 puzzles.


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4. Jetpack Joyride


Top 5 Best Android Games For Time Pass 3

And this one is my personal favorite. I have been playing this game since last year and IDK every time I opened my games folder, I just click on Jetpack Joyride. This is really an awesome game which you can play again and again to pass your time. That’s why I put it on my list.

5. Flappy Bird 3D

Top 5 Best Android Games For Time Pass 6

This game is so old now. But still there are people out there who is just crazy for this one. This version of flappy bird is the most lovable version we had. It’s a simple sweet game you can play with your friends, compete with them, makes new records and so on.

The above list has been made on the matter of interest and some research on game lovers. There may be people who don’t like these kind of games and their interest and choice is different. But I found these 5 really awesome and one of the best android games for time pass. I hope you guys would like it when you will play them. So go, download and enjoy playing them. You can leave a comment in a comment box below if you have any query regarding this article.