You have tried so many Facebook Tricks and Tips before. Some of you may like them, some of you may not. But the trick that I am going to show you today will be loved by everyone. Because every Facebook user wants his profile to look better than anyone. You will forget all those Facebook tricks and will definitely up for this one. I will show you how you can create a cool combo of Facebook Cover Photo and Profile Picture. This will make your Facebook profile cooler than before and you will love it. After using this trick, Your FB friends will ask you how you did that cool thing on your profile. So check out the steps below how you can combine your Facebook cover with Profile Picture.

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Steps To Make A Cool Combo Of Facebook Cover Photo And Profile Picture

This trick is so simple that it will hardly take 2-3 minutes to make your Facebook Profile awesome. But for that you need a good quality picture which you want to use for this trick. Anyone can try this trick and edit it anytime with the help of the website. You don’t need any tool and an app to do this trick. You just need to go to one website and there you can easily try this trick free.


1. First of all the open the website – TrickedOut Timeline.

2. This website will allow to merge your Facebook cover and Profile picture in 4 different ways. Just choose your favorite option from those 4 options and you are ready for merging.

Make A Cool Combo Of Facebook Cover And Profile Picture

3. Now you need to upload the picture from your computer. Choose your favorite one and upload it. You can also use your current Facebook pic for the combo.

Make A Cool Combo Of Facebook Cover And Profile Picture 2

4. After that, check the size of the pic, resize it and click on the done button.

Make A Cool Combo Of Facebook Cover And Profile Picture 3


5. Then you will get the download options to download cover photo and profile photo. Download and upload them to your Facebook Profile and that’s it. Now show off with your profile.

Make A Cool Combo Of Facebook Cover And Profile Picture 4


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