How To Check Some Cool Stats On Your Android Device: Must Try these 5 Fantastic Apps


How To Check Some Cool Stats On Your Android Device 1

If you really care about the data and stats on your Android device like how many texts you received or sent, how many calls you dialed or received, missed call details, internet details and other statistics, you must need to give a little bit time to read this article. I know some people don’t care about those stats in their Smartphone. But tracking the details and stats on your Android phone is very important. Who knows, what happens next. So you must have all the stats and data on your phone. That’s why today I am going to tell you about 5 fantastic apps which you can use to check some cool stats on your Android device. These apps are really helpful and amazing and will tell you stats about messages, calls, internet and contacts in your Smartphone. Check out the apps in the description below.

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5 Fantastic Apps To Check Some Cool Stats On Your Android Device

1. Checky – Phone Habit Tracker

You can use this app to check how many times you are opening your Smartphone in a day. It’s really cool to know that how much time you are spending on your phone. Compare this stat with your friends and know who uses his phone maximum in a day.


Download Here – Checky – Phone Habit Tracker

2. Callistics – Data Usage, Calls

This app will help you to track all call log history in an efficient manner. With its advanced features, you can check the specific day chart of your calls and messages like how many outgoing and incoming calls have done in a day. It will also provide you the metrics per contact and so much more than that.

Download Here – Callistics – Data Usage, Calls

3. Text Stats

This app will provide you great stats of your messages on your Android phone. It counts every single message you sent or received, track all its info, and then it shows them on a frequent chart or we can say on beautiful charts.


Download Here – TextStats

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4. Data Usage Monitor

If you want to track all the internet usage and the daily data traffic of your Android phone, you must need to download this app. A Download link is given below.


Download Here – Data Usage Monitor

5. Internet Speed Meter

This app will show you your live internet speed in your Smartphone. Download this app, open it and you can see the live speed on the status bar.

Download Here – Internet Speed Meter Lite

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