Nowadays, the internet seems to know more about us than we even actually know about it, simply because we give out chunks of our personal information and data which is sensitive by the way, on social media sites and lots of other sites. But of course with social media sites that are of course genuine, all you have to do is tweak your privacy settings a bit and you could perhaps have some little relief that your info is safe. However, on the internet today, there are also tons of creepy websites that are like huge database and collect important info about us.

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Earlier this week, just came under the spotlight of such malicious collection information. This was discovered by Anna Brittain, who is a young- adult fiction writer based in Alabama. People freaked out, of course as, they realized just about anyone can look up there family info, addresses, phone numbers and lots of other sensitive stuff they got there.

Apparently, the website boasts and claims of one of the largest genealogy 100% free to search. If you are in doubt, well, just simply follow this link and enter your name and state and prepare to be amazed. The information probably stored on the site is, your name, age, list of possible relatives (spouse, children etc.) not forgetting your past addresses and dates you perhaps lived there.

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Is there a Familytreenow opt out option?

Oh yeah there is, there is an option to opt out and it’s quite simple to do. Just click here to visit the Familytreenow opt out page. Read the procedure, press the “begin opt out” procedure button. It will take you to a search page where you need to run a search for yourself.

After clicking the view detail option, verify that it’s your record and oppress the red “opt out” button. However, this website says that opt out requests take up to 48 hours to process.

Well, better get working on that in case you are concerned, hope this information helps you out. Would love to get your feedback so just hit me up in the comment section.