7 Best MX Player Alternatives For Android You Should Try


MX Player Alternatives

In the recent few years, MX Player has become the best possible media player application across the world. This has become possible because of the inclusion of its countless enticing features and smooth user interface. This has motivated large numbers of individuals to find out the list that contains 7 of the best MX players alternatives for windows phone, android, ipad or iphone.

7 Best MX Player Alternatives For Android 

1. VLC available for Android

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VLC is one among the oldest available medial players and it remained with users since they have had their expeirence with computers for the first time. Being PC version the player is able to play almost each type of file that is available in this big world. Another, best thing about VLC that makes it one of the best video players for Android is that it performs well in both mobile platform and on windows.


2. KM Player


Km payer for android

KM Player has succeeded to meet every requirement of music lovers operating on Android. Aura of this player continues to stay intact inside the app version and operates in better way for all types of files. Browsing experience obtained from these videos is very smooth and the player comes with smooth yet interactive type of user interface.

3. MOBO Player

Mobo player for android

If an individual does not possesses anything to work like an interface and simply wants to get a stable type of video player, he should go for the MOBO player. It comes with countless exciting features, such as floating window mode, where a person can minimize his video on a particular side of his mobile screen.

4. BS Player


BS Player is a type of cliché and it comes with all possible codecs to facilitate playing maximum types and numbers of files. In addition, the player incorporates an interactive type of user interface and gives ultimate browsing experience. In fact, there does not any single thing, which a person would not like in BS player. Moreover, the mentioned best alternatives of MX player helps in acceleration of video playback, which indicate limit processing by processor and prevention of the battery from quickly draining out.

5. HD Video Player


HD Video Player

HD Video Player according to its name, it is able to play HD videos in relatively smooth way. It finds every video available on phone automatically. In addition, the interface contains suitable details in combination with advanced settings. Other than this, the player incorporates Thumbnail feature that allows displaying of the video content.

6. Video Player HD

Video player gives proper support to almost every type of file extensions, which come with presets and equalizers. This player is also able to give support to live stream or online videos and subtitles. If this is not enough, you will find the user interface as interactive one. It does not create any kind of lagging problem.

7. Video Player Ultimate

Video Player Ultimate

Video Player Ultimate alternative also comes with ultimate and high definition of playback facility. It has combination with suitable thumbnail contents and respective viewing feature. This type of players gives support to each file type and finds videos on a phone device. In addition, the player provides very smooth FLV playback facility and many other peculiar types of files. The player is highly recommendable for all individuals, who love to play varieties of FLV-based media videos.