The One With The Easter Eggs: 40+ Hidden Details From The Hit Sitcom Friends


By Abigail S

The hit TV sitcom Friends has long outlived its 10-year runtime. Although it first aired in 1994, and its last episode wrapped up in 2004, many fans are still watching the show today. With the series being made available on streaming platforms like Netflix, Friends is also finding a new generation of audiences who were much too young to watch the show in its glory days. Whether you’re someone who has seen all the episodes a hundred times or are only beginning to follow their journey, we can bet there are some details in the show that you may have missed. Are you a true Friends fan? See if you’ve caught these tiny particulars in the show yourself!


Cheeky burglars

Okay, let’s start with an easy one. True Friends fans will be familiar with the dry erase board that Chandler and Joey have hanging on their door. They would use it to leave each other messages or other dumb content.


In The One With the Cat, Joey and Chandler got robbed of all their stuff when Joey tried to sell his hand-built entertainment unit. If you notice, the burglars left a cheeky note on the dry erase board thanking the duo for all their stuff.

The iconic couch

Have you ever wondered how it can be that the gang would always be sitting on that couch in Central Perk? Many customers walk in every day, but no matter how busy the café gets, there’s always the couch available.

Well, if you have a sharp eye, you’ll notice that there’s a “Reserved” sign on the coffee table every time the friends hang out there. It looks like they’ve reserved that couch indefinitely! That’s why no one else has sat on it, except for that one episode where the guys get bullied.

Ross’s birthday

Since the show ran for ten seasons, we see quite a bit of birthday celebrations for each of them. But does anyone actually know when their birthdays are? Writing across hundreds of episodes means continuity isn’t always perfect or accurate.


For example, when exactly is Ross’s birthday? In one episode, he tells Gunther his birthday is in December. However, in another episode, he tells Joey that his birthday is October 18th. So which one is it? Did David Schwimmer, who played Ross improvise one of these?

Gladys’s wardrobe

Remember Phoebe’s ghoulish artwork, which she so lovingly named Gladys? She made her appearance in Season 10, Episode 6, The One With Ross’s Grant. In the episode, Monica and Rachel fight over who will end up with the horror painting.


If you notice, Gladys made a couple of wardrobe changes in the episode. She was wearing red at one point but blue in another shot. It seems that the wardrobe designers on Friends had more to dress than just the cast!