From Cheers To Chuckles: 35+ Funny Cheerleading Moments Captured On Cam


Welcome to the dazzling world of cheerleading, where gravity-defying stunts and contagious enthusiasm collide to create unforgettable moments of cheer-tastic delight. We know about daring catches, mischievous pranks, spirit fingers, and even the occasional “oopsie daisy” moments no one saw coming!

Cheerleaders have everything, from marvelous spins and flips that would make Olympic gymnasts green with envy to hilariously synchronized dance routines that put any dance crew to shame. We’re talking about epic fails, triumphs, and sassiness that would make Beyoncé blush.


Time to whip out your old cheerleading uniform from high school (we won’t judge!) and gather ’round as we dive into a world of flips, pom-poms, and hair-raising high kicks that’ll leave you either in stitches or craving more!


Friendship goals

The wing women are the unsung heroes of cheerleading! They are the ones who have mastered the art of subtly nudging the spotlight away from themselves and onto their besties. Everyone deserves a moment in the sun, after all.

This girl in the picture has positioned herself so that her bestie can shine bright above! She smiles as she gives her friend a lift as if she’s facing an audience instead of a tarp. These besties, aka “wing women,” are the real MVPs! 

Stunt gone wrong

Have you heard about the tales of cheerleading stunts gone wrong? These are like watching a circus act where the clowns forget they are supposed to be funny and become acrobats with buttered shoes instead! These girls failed one stunt and fell on the floor. 

They are both tangled in each other’s limbs in an awkward position. We are sure the girls were full of pep and confidence before the incident of their crash landing! Cheerleading is like a circus where planned moves can turn into comedy scenes! 


The lucky one

Cheerleading is the ultimate display of teamwork, coordination, and sheer bravery. It requires more trust than lending your favorite pair of shoes to your best friend (gasp!) and more balance than attempting to walk in stilettos! This picture shows the impressive skills of these cheerleaders. 

A big shout out to these besties who seem like they have the shoulders of The Incredible Hulk! They have lifted their friend so gracefully as if they have an iron grip. Their confidence and satisfaction are evident on their faces. 


In your face!

Cheerleaders are beautiful, athletic, enthusiastic, confident, and full of life. But sometimes, they go through rough moments that are difficult to forget. This girl in the picture was giving her best until that basketball hit her head. 

Undoubtedly, this was an excruciatingly painful moment. We can only imagine the concussion after the basketball flew toward the girl and knocked her to the ground. We can almost hear the collective gasp from everyone standing there. 


Girl cheerleaders are like rubber bands with a dash of circus performers mixed in! They can bend, twist, and contort their bodies in ways that make you question the laws of physics. Has this girl been secretly training with a team of contortionists? 

Who needs a chiropractor when you have this girl who can practically tie herself into knots and still smile like it’s the easiest thing in the world? Was she born with some springs in her legs, or what? We’re in awe of her flexibility. 

Face kick

If you ever find yourself in the front row of a cheerleading performance, wear your helmet because you never know when a face kick might come flying your way! Safety always comes first. Something similar happened during this electrifying performance. 

With their energy levels and excitement soaring, nothing could go wrong, but things didn’t go as planned or practiced. The girl performing a backflip kicked her companion in the face accidentally. Ouch! It’s the ultimate unexpected twist in their routine. 

Jock and the cheerleader

Do you ever see a photo online and want to know its whole story? This is one such picture; yes, it paints a thousand words. Those who’ve seen it might have created short screenplays in their minds about it. 

We could quickly tell what happened as soon as we saw this picture. We can imagine how the soccer player ran into the cheerleader accidentally, and they both fell to the ground. And the girl’s expressions tell us that she must have gotten hit by someone she fancies! 

Daddy’s little cheerleader

We can’t help but smile at this cute photo of Daddy and his little cheerleader. She has some impressive moves and balance tricks that would make any professional green with envy. This is also an excellent opportunity for the two to bond.

It is difficult for some parents to get enthused about cheerleading, but this father has won countless hearts on the internet by taking time out of his busy schedule and teaching some fantastic skills to his daughter. Her confidence has been boosted multiple times with his support. 

Keep it professional

A male cheerleader is like being caught in a perpetual game of human twister. One moment, they’re trying to hoist someone up in the air, and the next, they find themselves holding the girls in positions that make your arms and brain question their existence! 

This guy’s face says he has been put to the test. He’s balancing the girl on his shoulders perfectly, but it seems like he is pleading for some help. Either he’s running out of steam, or he’s about to wet his pants from the weight he’s carrying, but they all must keep it professional, right? 

Grand entrance 

Cheerleaders are known for their incredible stunts. These energetic dynamos are like the superheroes of the sidelines with their pom poms and megaphones ready to save the day! Not to be outdone, this girl asked the management if she could use the zipline to make an entrance! 

She’s a daredevil who doesn’t shy away from a dance with death. We can imagine her parents fainting after witnessing this nerve-wracking cheerleading stunt. However, her smile says that she’s completely confident and excited about this. 

Rocking the flow

Cheerleaders defy gravity with their impressive flips and twists while trying to keep a straight face, which is very challenging considering all the adrenaline rushing through them and the difficulty of their stunts. They often end up with the most hilarious facial expressions when caught mid-action.

This girl’s face tells us she is busy rocking with the flow during her performance, not wanting to miss a step and get blamed for ruining the routine. Her facial expression may make us laugh, but cheerleading is a serious business.

Bendy and balanced

We all know those cheerleading girls who seem to defy all the laws of flexibility. This girl is a good example; she has contorted her body in a way that would make a pretzel jealous! We’re wondering if she even has a backbone. 

Kudos to her perseverance and ability to maintain balance while performing complex stunts. It seems she has also auditioned for the role of a human slinky! We wouldn’t be surprised if she could fit herself into a suitcase! 

Yin and yang

Cheerleading is about precision and coordination, but gravity sometimes has other plans. This photo seems like two sides of the same coin, Yin and Yang! But, seriously, we hope this girl received medical attention after she fell to the ground. 

Say what you will about cheerleading, but it is not easy and not for the faint of heart. It’s all about maintaining balance, resilience, and getting up whenever you fall. We are sure this lady bounced back, got up, and flashed her award-winning smile like nothing happened. 


Cheerleaders are known for their flashy and sexy outfits; they are always ready to wow the crowd. We can all see they’re not always picture-perfect when photographed in the middle of a performance. This candid shot is one such moment.

The boy’s face looks like he finally regrets his commitment to the cheer team. However, he can do nothing now; he’s in the thick of the action. He has to bear everything and come to terms with it! We are sure that both are contemplating their life decisions.

Sneeze at the wrong moment

Wow, a lot is happening in this picture! Should we talk about the guy and his expressions or the girl who sneezed at the wrong time? We are fans of these perfectly timed photos; we can’t get enough of immortalized funny moments! 

This girl lost her balance after sneezing. She would have fallen had it not been for the guy holding her up with all his strength. You can tell from his face that he is doing everything to ensure they don’t mess up the routine and embarrass themselves in front of the audience.

Cheering “OG”

What is a cheerleading performance without some hilariously funny moments? Let’s talk about this image. A big game is about to start, and everyone is excited and can’t wait for the game to begin. The cheer team makes their entrance and begins performing. What could go wrong?

Does the girl know she is having an “og” moment? Or will someone tell her that she’s holding the banner upside down? We can’t help but burst into laughter. Suffice it to say she stole the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

More than just a cheerleader

The way cheerleaders jump, twist, and do backflips make us think they have springs in their shoes. They can even spin in mid-air, which would make an Olympic gymnast jealous. For all the bloopers we’ve seen on this list, sometimes the universe aligns, and you get a moment like this.

This cheerleader launched herself into the air and scored a basket beautifully. She made it look so effortless, and we are very impressed. The photographer has captured her winning moment at the perfect time, which she will remember for years. 

Spilling excitement

We can’t help but laugh at this perfectly timed photograph of cheerleaders and their weird expressions. They would be in stitches if they looked at this. Part and parcel of being on the cheer team is to take a crash course in over-the-top enthusiasm! 

The middle one’s face looks like she can swallow a whole watermelon in one go! If facial expressions were an Olympic sport, these girls would be on the podium, accepting their gold medals with infectious excitement and never say die attitude.

Don’t look up

Have you seen that meme that illustrates “what has been seen cannot be unseen”? That perfectly describes this image in which the girls showcase their “natural” facial expressions. They seem to be traumatized for life because of their experience. 

We don’t know what the girl on the left went through while holding up her friend, unfortunately, or what she witnessed, but we are sure that she won’t be doing it again. On the other hand, the right one seems amused by this acrobatic experience. 


Cheerleading is like watching a real-life circus performance on the field instead of in a tent. The athletes pull off some serious mind-blowing stunts that leave us totally speechless. This image is one of the coolest cheer moments on the internet. 

This stunt would have left spectators holding their breath and wondering if they accidentally stumbled into a Marvel movie! This girl must have some great faith in her fellow cheerleaders. Moreover, “basket toss” stunts require a lot of practice. 


There’s always the risk of injuries when cheerleading. You can easily break your neck and suffer paralysis if you don’t nail your landing. We can’t help but think of the serious medical injuries this girl went through after this incident. We hope that she’s doing better now. 

As nightmarish as this accident must have been, we’re certain questions were asked as to what could have been done to avoid it and the safety practices that can be taken so that it doesn’t happen again in the future.

Cheers to the typo

Being an average high school student is a difficult job, but being a student and cheerleader simultaneously? These ladies must have been so engrossed in perfecting their routines and ensuring the competition had nothing on them that they forgot how to spell simple words.

We are sure that they are in dire need of “spirit” instead of “sprit”! The girls are doing a fantastic job carrying their friends and showcasing the banner, but they must improve their spelling! Is spell check no longer a thing?

Catch me if I fall

Cheerleading has its own ups and downs, just like any other physical sport. This famous “basket toss” stunt is a real hoot! But to execute it flawlessly, you need grueling hours in practice. It’s a test of strength, trust, and confidence. 

Cheerleading has its own ups and downs, just like any other physical sport. This famous “basket toss” stunt is a real hoot! But to execute it flawlessly, you need grueling hours in practice. It’s a test of strength, trust, and confidence. 

Fly, little birdie!

Is this girl trying to walk in the air or fly high in the clouds? Whatever it is, this stunt strikes fear into our hearts, and we don’t know what will happen next! Cheerleading is for you if you want to see people showcasing their talents of balancing and twisting in the air.

They have practiced much for this performance and are optimistic about nailing it, especially the girl precariously balancing herself in the air. Trust exercises are wild, and without a doubt, the lady at the top has enough confidence in her mates. They won’t let her fall or break her neck! 

Buried in embarrassment

Practice as you might; embarrassing moments are inevitable in cheerleading. We’re thinking that this girl forgot the next move or somehow slipped. She tried to hide her face to avoid embarrassment, but clearly, her plan had gone wrong! 

We feel she was desperate and wanted the Earth to swallow her whole rather than face the audience. She ended up burying her face in the wrong place. What’s cheerleading without a few mishaps and moments that make you say, “Well, that didn’t go as planned!”

Break a le-neck!

Who is excellent in headstands and in cheerleading? This perfectly-timed photo of a girl, who is this close to twisting her neck, is making our hearts leap into our throats! We are sure this photo’s tale combines danger, adrenaline, and a dash of laughter! 


It looks like this fearless girl was attempting a daring cheerleading stunt that would make Spiderman jealous! Then she lost her balance and feared her antics had gone terribly wrong. Bless her determined soul that has narrowly avoided a neck-breaking catastrophe! 

All fall down 

These gravity-defying stunts, which are supposed to be a pinnacle of coordination and teamwork, often end up as comedy gold. It’s like watching a slow-motion disaster unfold. The chaos that ensues is straight out of a slapstick comedy routine! 

Many enthusiastic cheerleaders, full of pep and spirit, stacked themselves like a human Jenga tower. And just when they thought they had conquered the laws of physics, they all came crashing down like a house of cards hit by a hurricane!

Genuine happiness

At this point, we’re convinced cheerleading is a wonderful world of wacky faces and hilarious expressions. These cheerleaders are out there, giving their best, but their faces have decided not to cooperate. This guy made this photo perfect material for a meme. 

Honestly, could it be possible demons possess these two? We’ve watched enough horror movies to know when possession is happening, and this photo looks like evil spirits are in their midst. Quick, call an exorcist before this gets out of hand.

Trust exercises are frightening

Cheerleading twists and turns are like a rollercoaster ride in a horror movie but with pom-poms and high kicks instead of screams and popcorn! This sport is an adrenaline rush, and it’s not for people who scare easily and are afraid to take risks.

This image illustrates the classic trust fall. We don’t know whether we should be scared for the girl or laugh our hearts out at seeing how genuinely concerned she was for her wellbeing. It’s as if she’s asking herself if she was better off joining the track team.

Begging on the knees

Has the girl done something wrong to the guy? If not, why is she begging him on her knees? Or did she end up face-planting on the floor after a bad move or a stunt gone wrong? The latter is closer to the truth.

These hilarious mishaps are not uncommon during performances, so be prepared when you get into cheerleading. They take place when gravity decides to have a good laugh at our expense. But, jokes aside, we hope the girl is doing well after the incident. 

Out of nowhere

Some situations catch us off-guarded that we’re completely at a loss and don’t know what to do. This photographer was concentrating on getting the perfect shots when one of the players suddenly appeared from nowhere and veered dangerously close to his camera.

Seeing the surprised look on everyone’s faces makes us laugh. Let’s hope no one got hurt and that no equipment was damaged. We all know professional cameras these days cost more than a pretty penny. The expensive medical bills are no laughing matter either.

Joy dripping from the face

We can remember that exact meme from these expressions; this is the face you make when touching leftover food while washing dishes in the sink! You’d look the same if you felt or stepped on something gross! Is this lady trying to channel her inner comedian? 

Numerous girls in cheerleading performances have facial expressions that can only be described as a mix between a smile and a squashed tomato! Similarly, this girl is trying to send us a message, “Hey, look at my joyful, hilarious face!”

Carousel keeps turning

After seeing this photo, we hope these girls were performing this stunt with a huge trampoline or many soft cushions beneath them. We can’t help but ask how they formed this carousel-shaped thing in the air and how they planned to make it back on the ground safely.

This photo reminds us of the song “Wheel in the Sky” by Journey. The only difference is this wheel is made of actual humans, and we hope everyone landed safely in one piece without libs missing or injuries to their bodies.

Hi, it’s me!

Here, a spirited athlete stands on one foot on her partner’s hands like a graceful squirrel; with a radiant smile, she can blind the sun! We love how she has balanced herself beautifully, and she exudes confidence. But we’re also wondering how she got one foot under her chin.

Moreover, the best part is that she didn’t require additional help or assistance showcasing her talent. Standing behind her, her bestie looks so proud of her friend while simultaneously wondering what in the heck is happening. It seems like this wasn’t in the routine.

Cheering at the beach

This photo is going to be the most memorable for everyone. They will surely be proud of themselves for their magnificent performance. This is a very classic yet difficult-to-perform stunt. Kudos to everyone for making it look so easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy! 

This stunt would have required tons of practice sessions and rehearsals. We all know how windy it can get at the beach. Balancing is a tough job, but thanks to the hours they’ve put in, they have achieved what they wanted!

Soldier has fallen

Here comes another example of gravity’s vengeance in the cheerleading world. This team was ready to dazzle the crowd with acrobatic performances. But little did they know that gravity had other plans and a wicked sense of humor.

As the girl was about to balance herself on one foot with her teammates, her foot decided to betray her, and down she went like a clumsy penguin! The crowd is watching them in anticipation and bewilderment, like, “What just happened right now?” 

Face down first

It’s common for things to go wrong during cheerleading performances. A small blunder could ruin an entire routine. Those moments are tragic and comical for the team as they silently wish the ground would open and swallow them whole! 

Bless her heart; this poor girl must have been performing some stunt trying to impress the crowd when gravity pulled her down. We hope she is doing okay. Her friend must have wanted to save her, but it was too late! 


This girl must have been minding her own business and busy performing cheerleading twists and turns for the audience when the big ball came out of nowhere, and BAM! Her face tells us the ball caught her by surprise.

The ball knocked her off her feet faster than a squirrel on roller skates! It has made her go from determination to sheer panic! No doubt, cheerleading is all about synchronization, but sometimes the universe decides to throw a curveball and turn the routine into a sideshow circus.

Task successfully failed

These banner blunders have made us roll on the floor laughing! This team is all lined up, holding a massive banner, eager to unveil their team pride. However, no one cared to check if they had the banner in the correct position before the festivities started.

The team has presented a jumble of letters that would make even the most talented scrabble players scratch their heads in confusion! Little did they know they had inadvertently become champions of the “Upside Down Banner Olympics!” Meanwhile, we cannot help but burst into laughter! 

Spinning in my highest heels, love

These cheerleaders are lifted high up in the air spinning faster than a Beyblade on steroids! The hilarious looks on their faces are a mix of excitement and terror altogether. Were they afraid that something would go wrong?

These spinning stunts are like a wacky “spin me right round” game where the cheerleaders find themselves in a vortex of rotations. Their teammates are frightened, thinking someone could fall and ruin their performance.

Everything is under control

These pyramid collapses are like witnessing a perfectly choreographed performance by a herd of baby elephants attempting ballet! A group of fearless cheerleaders full of pep and enthusiasm thought they could defy gravity and stack themselves in a human tower. 

But alas, it seems like gravity had the last laugh here! The cheerleader’s smile at the top, while the girls are falling beside her, is like, “Okay, don’t worry, everything is under control” We must take notes from her about smiling through rough phases in our lives!