Top 10 Best Websites To Learn Coding (Programming) Online


Top 10 Best Websites To Learn Coding (Programming) Online

Those days are gone when programming languages could be mastered programmers like Bill Gates, Larry Page and Steve Jobs. who later got to dominate the world by storm. Now time has changed, everyone has some potential and the chance to learn programming. Today we’re here with “10 best websites to learn programming languages.” You can easily learn programming languages like HTML, CSS, PHP and other with 10 interactive educational websites. So, enjoy this cool article.

Top 10 Best Websites To Learn Coding

1. Codecademy


Codecademy is one the most reputed website to teach you to code interactively, thanks to its user-friendly interface and well-structured courses. Codecacdemy offers a lots of course like Web Fundamentals, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Ruby, Python and APIs.


2. Code Avengers

Code Avengers offers only HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript courses. Each of the courses is carefully designed to never bored you. At the end of every lesson, they offer a mini-game to release your cumulated stress and keep you going for longer.

3. Code School

When you have finished your courses in Codecademy or Code Avengers, now you are ready for further expand your capabilities. Code School offers more in-depth courses to expand your knowledge and turn you into an expert with industry’s best practices.


Code School is categorized their courses in 4 main paths. they’re.

  • Ruby
  • JavaScript
  • iOS

While most of courses available for free, certain one will requires you to spend $25/Month to access the entire courses.


4. Treehouse

Treehouse offers most of courses project oriented than language oriented, so they are perfect for novice programmer with a planned purpose, such as building a website, an application etc. This website offers all courses about building a responsive website, interactive websites or even WordPress theme.

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5. LearnStreet

LearnStreet offers JavaScript, Python and Ruby courses at beginner level. It adopts command prompt-styled code interpreters with human language to explain function. This kind of command prompt you want for your local machine. While the code interpreter could be rude as command prompt. Anyway, it’s truly friendly and enjoyable and available for free.

6. Udacity

This website contains a lot of video lectures and improved quizzes to achieve the interactive feel for students. Also, ideal for those people who don’t like to read the tutorial. Udacity provides more videos and instructors than any others websites.

7. CodHS

CodeHs is one of the best websites that come with fun programming lessons. It offers a lot of courses with fun game like JavaScript, animation, data structures, game design and puzzles challenges. The main advantages of the CodeHS is it teaches you to think and solve problem like a programmer with its first course, programming with kernel. CodeHS comes with $25 per month subscription.

8. Khan Academy

Khan Academy serves as an open playground for both amateurs and novice particularly interested in learning drawing, animation and user interaction with code. You will have to first join the programming basics course to watch and learn basic concepts.

9. Scratch 2.0

The CodeStill and Khan Academy are still too hardcore for the child, who has no comprehension beyond basic English? No worries, scratch comes with even easier for next generation Programmer. Previously it was offline, now it is available for all.


SQLZOO offers to learn Structured Query Language (SQL) happily with its interactive interface. I am nothing to explain about it.

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Comparison Chart

Here’s the comparison chart of all courses, prices and features.

Website Course Feature Pricing Difficulty
Codecademy HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Ruby, Python, API Code Interpreter, Progress Saver, Project, Forum Free Easy – Intermediate
Code Avengers HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript Code Interpreter, Progress Saver, Project, Note Free Easy
Code School HTML5, CSS, CSS3, jQuery, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, iOS Code Interpreter, Screencast, Progress Saver, Forum Free, $25/month Intermediate – Hard
Treehouse HTML, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, iOS, Android, UX, Database Code Interpreter, Screencast, Progress Saver, Project, Forum Free, $25/month, $49/month Easy – Hard
LearnStreet HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Ruby Code Interpreter, Progress Saver, Project, Forum Free Easy
Udacity Web Development, HTML5, Python, Java, Computer Science, Algorithm, AI Code Interpreter, Screencast, Progress Saver, Forum Free Intermediate – Nightmare
CodeHS Problem Solving, JavaScript, Animation, Game Programming Code Interpreter, Screencast, Progress Saver Free, $25/month, $75/month Easy – Intermediate
Khan Academy Programming Basics, Canvas Drawing, Animation, User Interaction Code Interpreter, Screencast, Progress Saver, Project, Discussion Free Easy – Intermediate
Scratch 2.0 Visual Programming Visual Editor, Project, Forum Free Easy
SQLZOO SQL Code Interpreter Free Easy – Hard

Trends of programming Language

The following chart from Google Trends shows the popularity of various programming languages over 5 Years. you can see the graph, the PHP has dipped over the years, JavaScript has more than others. where the popularity of Python and Node.js are rise on the graph.

Top 10 Best Websites To Learn Coding (Programming) Online 2

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