It’s been like ages that we are using computers and its peripherals for most of the work that we do in our day-to-day life. It has created a dependency because of its accuracy and efficiency to provide the outcome and we have supported the evolution to get best and latest technology. Still, I remember the picture of the first personal computer which was loaded in a truck for the delivery and now you can walk through and purchase a new computer and get it to your home. Things have been changed and we have seen the revolution of the technology in terms of both hardware and software but the IP address (Internet Protocol Number) of most of the routers which are used for networking is same i.e. Why do we have the same IP address for most of the routers? Why is not different from another one? If we have the same IP for two routers, will it hamper my privacy? These are the questions that most people ask and have in their minds. So let us discuss the main reason behind that.

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The router is the most common and widely used computer peripheral for all networking solutions at home and in offices. Every router, website, and computer have an IP number which is used to identify the specific machine or model. Like we have our own identity by which people know us, the same way it is an identity of them but it will vary from computer to router means the IP address of your computer will not be same as your router and that is of your website. There is a set of numbers which are reserved for private use like for home, office and corporate but will be different from the public website.

Ø to

Ø to

Ø to

These are the numbers dedicated to different computers, routers, websites, and all its peripherals but the last one is quite similar as this is the number which we come across many times compared to others and actually, is used to refer a group of computers. The special number which was chosen for your router was because it was the second from the starting number and it is quite easy to memorize it compared to others from the list. As it has been listed to all the routers so it will be easy for configuring and troubleshooting it in comparison to remember different numbers every time.

There are many router manufacturers which are leading the way with the premium quality and a wide range coverage. Every router can be categorized with the range and how many connections it can actually hold up to and can be configured within minutes. To configure your router, just type in in your browser and it will redirect you to the configuration page depending on the manufacturer of the router. At times you get a prompt to type in the username and the router password that comes with the package box and after following some simple steps, you will be connected to the internet and it is always recommended to go through the manual before changing any settings of the router as it can damage it permanently but you need to log-in before you change any settings.

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At times, the router will not ask for any password before changing core-settings which are an indication that there is some glitch in the security of your computer. In such cases, you can contact your local internet provider and share the concern about the security. No password means easy to hack if your router is not password protected then anyone can trace your IP address and without your knowledge, they can change any settings to their preference.

Most of the routers are identified by, which is a conventional number and followed by most of the manufacturers but recently there are many other companies like D-Link and Netgear who are using and is using which are going towards new spectrum. The package box of most of the routers shows a definite number which is 192.168.x.x, allows you to select from the wide range of numbers and in new future 172.x.x.x or 10.x.x.x are some new possibilities. With the variance in IP number of routers, the IP of your computer will still remain the same regardless to the router.

We can’t predict the future as it is spontaneous and the numbers which have been in use, can be replaced with the new ones. Cyber world has its root in almost every home in this world and if the requirements kept on changing, then they need to revolutionize the conventional ways. If you want to know the IP address of your router, open a command prompt and enter Ipconfig command in it which will get you all the information related to the network.