When you are seeking for a top notch online project management service, you can’t help but chose Wrike out of the many players in the game. Wrike is a project management application service provider that is based in San Jose, California. I have to say, the online tool for project management and collaboration is quite a winner and it’s also impressive. Wrike is outstanding in their area of expertise and they are the best in offering online project management. They have reshaped the way we manage and coordinate all project plans and objectives to achieve our desired goals. A plethora of organizations has benefitted and are still benefiting from Wrike’s excellent services. This goes to show how trusted and efficient the product is, especially when the beneficiaries include tech giants like PayPal, Hootsuite, Capgemini etc.

It’s safe to say that Wrike is completely well established company. Surely, existing from 2006 to this present day does exemplify their survival and colossal clientele. With all that said, let’s delve into the core of this write-up starting with the good stuff.

The most reassuring fact about Wrike is that it actually believes in the opinions of its users. And by virtue of that, Wrike has a feature which allows users to make suggestions of new ideas and solutions that users care deeply about. Wrike has arranged in such a way that the community participates actively in voicing their deepest concerns. Each user is provided a number of ballots that they can cast and that’s amazing customer support.

Pricing and Plans:

wrike pricing and plans

Wrike gives its users value for their hard earned cash and that’s just about one of the good qualities every customer expects from using a given product. There are a variety of subscription plans ie. Free, Business, Professional and Enterprise plans. The free plan can be used by 5 people and unlimited collaborators, including basic task management features. The professional plan, however, allows up to 15 users and costs $9.80 per user per month and it comes with complete project planning and collaboration. The business plan is more optimized with advanced customization, executive reporting and it’s for 200 users each user paying $24.80 per month. The enterprise plan is handsomely packaged with advanced security and administrative controls for an infinite number of users. In addition, you can also purchase add-on features too, such as proofing and approvals.

Interface Design:

Wrike features

Wrike also, is quite intuitive and it has perfect email integration. Email collaboration in work is quite a unique and top notch. For example, you can write a message to any of your team members by including an @ symbol just in front of their name. This ensures they are made aware of the message in various ways including through email. Better yet, any response to the email will notify the sender by both email and within Wrike itself.

Having constant feedback regarding your project tasks is one of the various important elements for successful project management. Wrike’s desktop notification system ensures that users related to a given task are notified by a pop-up message in the corner of their desktop whenever any individual comments on a task or gives a new task. The notifications are also available for on their mobile apps. With such agility, your team barely misses any updates and info. This really comes in handy for various project handlers and teams.

I can’t help but applaud Wrike for its ingenious custom-made solutions. In fact this is one of the features that distinguishes Wrike from the other PM platform. Wrike’s flexibility ensures enough support to various teams and businesses and yet being able to be modeled to fit the way your team precedently likes to operate. Some of the specific solutions Wrike is built for include, marketing teams, creative teams, project management teams, product development teams among others. And exclusively in the marketers solution you will encounter features like campaign and event management, live editing not for getting the adobe creative cloud extension.

With Wrike customization and integration are at heart. You can create custom work statuses and workflows just as well as you can set custom fields and dashboards to track the data that you care about. Also, Wrike offers over 35 integrations with popular web tools such as Google Apps, Zapier and many others.

In addition to all that Wrike makes project management on the go very easy. With their free mobile apps for both Android and iOS. It has also a Chrome extensions for Google Chrome users. This simplifies your work as you are able to manage all your projects on the go anytime anywhere you may be. Which pretty much helps to get the job done effortlessly. The mobile platform contains the most crucial of the features of Wrike such as creating new tasks, reviewing and editing task details and accessing updates on tasks.

Note: The best thing of the Wrike is, it’s available in 10 languages for instance (English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish). 

Customer’s Feedback and Reviews:

However, much Wrike is good, people have complained about a few stuff too. The Wrike interface has been found by some to be bad in comparison to UIs of their rivals like Red Booth and Trello. Also, it’s claimed by some that Wrike advertises its rewards programmer with what is actually a pop-up add which therefore makes Wrike a bit cluttered.

The Wrike tasks and subtasks are usually hard to find as users claim that it’s hard to access their tasks and subtasks outside of their main activity feed. However, this isn’t that much of a big deal.

Wrike’s official video for marketers

Final Words:

Even with the bad Wrike is loved by most of its users and I doubt that can ever come to a stop. Generally Wrike is an amazing fine touch of a project management tool. We love the custom made solutions such as live editing and adobe creative cloud extension etc and the ingenious innovations contained within it. These all add up to its outstanding nature. Wrike also stresses the power of customization and integration that makes Wrike suitable for almost all types of teams and affordable. Not forgetting the fact that it’s efficient. With all that, Wrike is surely a super project management platform that you ought to try out. You will never regret it.