Are You Familiar With 10 Important Google URLs?


10 Important Google URLs

Everyone would be familiar with Google. No doubt, Google has been ruling on the web since 1998. We love Google due to its user-friendly and simple interface. Google has always tried to provide best user interface and hassle free services.

Well, Google tracks your every activity and stored them privately. All your information and data sync with Gmail. For instance, if you forget “Password” of any account, then what will you do next. In this Article, I’ll be talking about 10 most important Google URLs that may reveal interesting details about you. Let’s drive it.


10 Most Important Google URLs, You should Know



Google stores your username and passwords in Google Chrome or Android (whenever you login into different websites or apps). Previously, I had explained “How to Access Google Chrome Passwords from any browsers.” In this website you can see all your usernames and passwords.


When you search something on Google, it saves your all data (including URLs). You can see here, all your search queries with day by day and month by month. You can delete your history.



Google shows you more relevant ads on your PC or smartphones. But we don’t know how Google sends most relevant ads next to you.

Basically, Google automatically creates a profile of yourself based on your search queries and your age. Using this URL, you can see how Google sees you on the web.



Using this URL, you can export all data like Google photos, Google docs, Gmail messages, YouTube videos and much more into your PC. Google allows you to download files as .zip, .tar and .tag.


If your contents appearing on other websites/blogs, you can claim on DMCA with Google against that site to remove the content.


The Google Map on your Android phone or iPhone are reporting your recent location and velocity (how fast are you moving?) to Google. You can find entire location history on Google Maps and you can download it as KML format. You can open KML files with Google Earth or Google drive.


Google alerts is one of the very useful services from the Google. This URL allows you to create an alters on any topics like celebrity, product, public figure, company or anything you want and get alerts directly in your Gmail.


If you don’t have an existing Gmail account that means you can’t create another or new Gmail account. But this URL allows you to create Gmail accounts with any existing email accounts like Hotmail, yahoo mail etc.


If someone else is using your Gmail or may be hacked, in that case, this URL will show a log of every device that has recently connected with your Gmail. You can also see the IP address and geographic location too. Unfortunately, you can’t remotely log out of a Google session.


Have you lost your phone? In that case, you can use the Google Device Manager to find your phone whether it is switched on or connected to the internet connection. You can ring your android phone or erase your entire content remotely from the phone. Even you can find your IMEI Number of lost phones through Google account.

Did you find this article something interesting? Have you tried these 10 Important Google URLs before? Let us know in comment box below.


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