4 Types Of Android Hacks You Can Perform Without Rooting Your Device: Must Check It Out


4 Types Of Android Hacks You Can Perform Without Rooting Your Device 3

Hacking into your android device doesn’t always mean that you have to root it first. Although Rooting provides a passage into a world of possibilities, but still there are many cool and simple Android Hacks you can perform without rooting your device.

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4 Types Of Android Hacks 

1. Bypass Your Security

4 Types Of Android Hacks You Can Perform Without Rooting Your Device 2

Bypassing your security means you don’t need a security code to unlock your device when operating it in a specific secure area. The way it works varies for various devices, but most often in order to perform this simple awesome hack you need to go to your phone settings  and open security, they set up an unlock method such as a pin code. After this, just proceed to smart lock  and enter your pin number and hit trusted places.  Add a trusted location and you won’t need an unlock code to operate your device in your trusted zone.


2. Record Your Calls

Want to record your voice calls? Well, there are many recorder apps available for free in Play Store, but most of them demands rooting your device, Automatic call recorder  is the one that allows you to record calls without the daunting process of rooting. It’s a free, user friendly app which lets you set up automatic voice recordings each time a call is made.

3. Install Linux on your Phone

4 Types Of Android Hacks You Can Perform Without Rooting Your Device 3 (2)

This sounds quite challenging, but installing Linux on your Android device never demands professional hacking skills. Just download Debian Noroot  for free from Google Play Store and then download and install programs games for debian just like you do for any other version of Linux. Follow this link for step by step process to install and set up Linux for Android devices.

4. Setup App Shortcuts from Navigation Buttons

Will it not be awesome to assign easy shortcuts for your favorite apps? Just download Home2 shortcut and it will let you access apps instantly from any screen. For example, you can open camera from any screen by hitting the home button followed by back-navigation keys using this app.

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You can try these simple hacks at home, they will definitely provide you an upper hand over others and that too without rooting your Android device. Do let us know your queries, we’ll be glad to hear from you. Follow us on twitter to be in touch with latest technological updates.