linux distros for the artist inside you

For the budding artist in you, investing in education and resources will empty your pocket. It would be great if you could first learn the stuff with the limited budget you’ve got. Many of the Linux ditros are free If there were Linux distros with some great software, it would a blessing for you, wouldn’t it? Well, here are some distros for you then.These Linux distros are not just some collection of apps but rather most of them are optimized for multimedia-related work. Though since they are often maintained by a very small team,there is a risk of such a project being discontinued. But then, most multimedia distros have a stable, well-documented base like Debian and Ubuntu LTS releases and you can use them.

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6 Best Linux Distros For Artist Inside You

  • Fedora Design Suite

The Fedora Design Suite is made by the official design team that create all Fedora-related artwork. It has features of the main Fedora release, and includes the Gnome desktop environment also. Apart from the best selection of the apps Fedora Design Suite has an extensive list of tutorials, which is accessible from the main Applications menu that introduces you to the world of graphic designing.

6 Best Linux Distros

  • Ubuntu Studio

Ubuntu Studio has been a part of the Ubuntu family since 2007. The rich collection of software catalog and fonts to a low-latency kernel and helpful JACK tweaks will make you fall in love with it. Ubuntu Studio offers many apps for every category, so you’ll have Darktable as well as Rawtherapee for RAW photo editing, Kdenlive, Pitivi, and Openshot for video editing, and a long list of audio tools.

6 Best Linux Distros

  • KXStudio

You’re up for messing up with some music, KXStudio is here for you. Its main focus is on sound editing and production. KXStudio is based on Ubuntu and uses the “old” KDE 4.11.x as the desktop environment. It is possible to install proprietary software from a special non-free repository also you can just install KXStudio’s software collection on any other compatible (Debian- or Ubuntu-based) Linux distribution.

6 Best Linux Distros

  • Apodio

Apodia has been around since the early 2000s, and it’s currently in its tenth iteration.It has a simple Xfce desktop.Though it lacks in documentation, Apodio makes up for it in software quantity. It has almost every app you would need and also they are neatly categorized and easy to find. Although most apps are sound-related, don’t worry the photographer, filmmaker, or animator in you won’t feel cheated.

6 Best Linux Distros

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  • io GNU/Linux

io GNU/Linux is based on Debian and uses Enlightenment as the main desktop environment, with a few KDE apps here and there. The software collection is extensive, and you can choose between a regular and a real-time kernel.It covers a wide spectrum with classics (Openshot, LiVES, Guitarix, Rakkarack, LMMS, MyPaint…) at one end and the undiscovered, but powerful apps like sound visualizers, fractal generators, and Flowblade on the other end.

6 Best Linux Distros

  • Iro

Iro is a highly specialized distribution for animation, 3D modelling, compositing, digital painting, and image editing. Iro is based on Ubuntu and supports only 64-bit systems. Though it is still in progress, it can be used without any severe issues. Iro uses Systemback for installing it instead of Ubuntu’s default installer. But then once you’ve overcome this hurdle, the fruit of your labor will be waiting for you in the form of an attractive desktop. Iro uses Cinnamon as the default DE, and the circular launcher called Gnome-Pie is bound to grab your senses. Makehuman (for creating realistic 3D models of humans) and Natron (a professional grade tool for compositing and special effects) are some of the apps to lookout for.

Maybe till know all that you’ve heard was Gimp vs Photoshop, but then its time to try some good stuff that to for free. Also it is not a hidden fact that Pixar and DreamWorks have used Linux in their projects, so you should definitely give a chance to these linux distros and their softwares mentioned here.

6 Best Linux Distros

For all the musicians, photographers, animators out there do give us your suggestions. Tell us which linux distros did you like. What better apps are there?  Do tell us in the comments below and if you liked this article, share it with your colleagues .