Android N Features Without Installing Developer Preview Using N-Ify 2

Android N brings a lot of new features and useful tweaks to Android devices. However, the Developer preview is available only for a handful of devices (latest Nexus devices and Sony Xperia Z3 only) as of now and if you want to get these features on other devices running on Android 5.0 or higher, then N-Ify is there for you.

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  • A rooted Android device running on Android 5.0 or higher
  • Xposed framework installed

NOTE: This module won’t run properly on heavily modified ROMs like stock LG and Samsung ROMs, however will work on ROMs like Cyanogen.

N-Ify brings a Number of features:

Supported features:

  • New notifications and quick settings
  • New design of Recents menu
  • Settings tile summaries
  • Option to Double-tap Recents button to switch to last app

Planned features:

  • Quick reply- Option to reply to messages directly from notification bar
  • Night mode
  • Navigation drawer in Settings- As Quick Toggles are placed in the notification bar, there is no need to swipe down to access the full Quick Settings menu
  • Emergency info displayed on lockscreen
  • Doze mode when device is moving- The phone is put to sleep when it is idle and moving, thus enhancing battery life.

Features NOT expected to be a part of future builds:

  • Multi-window
  • DPI selector
  • Data saver

Installing and setting up N-Ify

After ensuring that the pre-requisites are met, i.e. The device is rooted and Xposed framework is installed, enable the “Installation of apps from Unknown Sources” option.


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After this is done, you are ready to run N-Ify.

1. Download the latest apk from HERE

2. Once downloading is complete, install the app and open it.


3. Several sections like Recents, Status bar header, Notifications and an app-specific App section is displayed as soon as the app is opened.

Android N Features Without Installing Developer Preview Using N-Ify 5

4. Each section contains different options which can be selected as per one’s own preferences.


Android N Features Without Installing Developer Preview Using N-Ify 3

And to make things even better, you may come across certain tweaks that even Android N doesn’t have. Now that’s something that will definitely make Nexus owners jealous!

However, the phone needs to be re-booted every time you change a setting, especially when a particular option is disabled. Even though a Refresh option is provided, it doesn’t always do what it’s supposed to do.

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But once you’ve set up the phone the way you want it to run, apart from a few bugs here and there, you won’t face any major issues and will be able to enjoy most of Android N features till your device manufacturer provides an official Android N build. Waiting just became easier!

Android N Features Without Installing Developer Preview Using N-Ify 4

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