Top 7 Best Android Apps Every Student Should Know About

Students in now a days spend most of the time on their Smartphone. But they are wasting so many times on Facebook, WhatsApp and on other social and gaming websites. They should focus on their studies first and then after that enjoy other things. So if you are a student and want to make the most out of your Smartphone in the field of studies, then today I am going to tell you about 7 helpful and Best Android Apps which will help every student in his studies. So must check out the apps below.

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 Best Android Apps Every Student Should Know About

1. Duolingo

With this app you can learn so many other languages like German, French or Spanish from your Android Phone.


Download Here: Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

2. Evernote

This is the app that every student must be used because it will help you to save your ideas and anything important which you don’t want to forget. You can make notes and save in this app. Your notes, links and other data will be synced from the Evernote server so that you can get it from any sync devices.

Download Here: Evernote – stay organized

3. Office Lens: PDF Scanner for Mobile

It is a free Android app developed by Microsoft which can scan any document and easily turn it into PDF files. With this app you can make digital copies of your business cards or printed documents on your phone.


Download Here: Office Lens

4. Wunderlist

This is the Smartest app you can use to manage your tasks or to-do list. Save your tasks in this app and check it whenever you want.


Download Here: Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks

5. Google Drive

It is the most used app to store docs, upload presentations and you can access them from anywhere with your Google account. This is the best app to make backups of all your important data.

Download Here: Google Drive

6. Photomath

You need camera to use this app. All you need to do is download this app, open it and then use a camera to take a picture of the math problem. As a result, it will solve that math problem in a minute. Solve as much math problem you want without typing it on your Android device.

Download Here: Photomath – Camera Calculator

7. Google Now

Yeah! Ask anything or everything you want and Google will serve you its best answers. Either it’s about maths, languages, translation, location, etc. With this app you can ask anything from Google by your voice command.

Download Here:  Google Now

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